Global Kids Program FAQ – School Year Program

How do I enroll in Global Kids?

Families may register and enroll in Global Kids Extended-day Program online in CampSite. You will need to create an account if it is your first time enrolling. Each year you will be asked to complete new registration forms.

How can I pay the program fees?

Billing will occur on the 25th of the current month for the upcoming month’s program fees. Parents will be asked to sign up for autopay when they enroll in Global Kids in their CampSite account. Please do NOT pay your account for the year in advance as we will not issue refunds in the event of early withdrawal from the program or closures. Fees are administered one month at a time only.

How are the fees calculated?

The total number of Global Kids program days during the school year are averaged out over ten months and billed in ten equal monthly payments throughout the school year, from September through June.

What hours will my child be enrolled in the program?

All students who enroll will have access to the full program hours from 3:30-5:30pm on regular school days. There is only one time block this school year.

Is Global Kids open on conference days?

No, we are not open on conference days, conference afternoons, minimum days, or no school days.

What if I am running late to pick up my child?

Students must be picked up by 5:30pm or a late pick-up fee will be charged. The late pick-up fee is $2 per every minute late, rounded up to the nearest five minutes. Please call Global Kids immediately if you are running late to let us know your ETA.

Can my child drop-in to Global Kids?

We are not able to offer drop-in participation during the 2020-21 school year due to the ongoing public health situation with COVID-19.

Are there any discounts?

Please refer to the Global Kids Fees page here

Global Kids offers a 10% sibling discount on the activity fees for families with more than one student enrolled. The discount will be applied to the second and subsequent siblings who enroll.

How are the fees incurred?

Students will be enrolled and billed monthly. Prorates will not be issued for families who begin or end Global Kids in the middle of the month.

How can I make a payment?

Families will pay online using autopay through their CampSite account with a debit or credit card.

How do I cancel my enrollment? Will I get a refund?

  • Refunds will not be issued for monthly fees. If a child drops the program mid-month, the fees for the remainder of the month will not be refunded.
  • Cancellations must be requested in writing by the 20th of the month in order to drop the program and not be billed. For cancellations made after the 20th of the previous month, the full monthly fees will be due for the coming month. Please submit change or cancellation requests in writing to

I am starting the program late. Will my fees be prorated?

Global Kids fees are charged on a monthly basis to enable us to provide consistent compensation for our staff in the event of a short term program closure. Fees will not be prorated.

Will my child keep their spot in Global Kids in the event that there is a closure due to public health reasons?

Once your child is enrolled in the Global Kids program, a spot will be reserved for them for the entire school year unless a family member withdraws them from the program. In the event of a public health closure, your child will return to their spot in the program if the program reopens during the same school year.