Affording International School of Portland

I can’t say enough about ISP. We have two children in the school and both are thriving.
The teachers are talented in caring, the class sizes are perfect, and administration and parents are involved and committed to continuing to improve each child’s experience…
The educational and cultural foundation is worth every penny.

— Current ISP Parent 

What Can ISP Do For Your Child?

Affording ISP

ISP works to keep the cost of tuition down as much as possible. Tuition covers less than 90% of the cost of educating our students, with the remainder being made up from other sources of income, such as fundraising. For many of our families, the cost of education requires careful budgeting.


ISP recognizes that not all families have the financial resources to pay for the entire cost of tuition. ISP is proud to offer tuition support to approximately twenty percent of our student body.  Tuition Support is based entirely on a family’s ability to pay for tuition – no other criteria is used.



If you believe that your resources are not sufficient to meet the total costs of an education from International School of Portland, you are encouraged to apply. Tuition support plays no role in our offers for admission to the school.

Tuition Support is available to students in all grades. However, every family is still expected to make a contribution toward the cost of tuition.

Please click here for more information about the Tuition Support Process.


Tuition & Expenses 2024-25

All expenses possible are included in tuition, such as student books, field trips, consumable school supplies, many festival costumes, two class parties per year, and more. All student expenses for the 5th Grade Capstone Study Abroad Trip are also included. Parents should plan to pay separately for lunches, some durable school supplies that children can use year after year, and optional after school classes.

Education is an investment in your child’s future. International School of Portland will help your child become a true global citizen who loves learning and excels in a diverse and multicultural society.  A vast majority of your tuition dollars are dedicated towards academic programming and to the salaries of our faculty. 

Important Notes
  • PreK students are age 3 when they start school for the year.
  • PreK students may start on a designated start date after they turn 3 and their tuition will be pro-rated. LowK students are age 4 at the start of the school year.
  • “Full days” are 8:00am to 3:00pm for grades K-5 and 8:00am to 3:00pm for PreK & LowK.
  • “Half days” are from 8:00am to noon, an option for PreK and LowK students.


Payment Plan Options

Full Pay Plan: Entire balance paid by July 31, 2024
60/40 Plan: 60% of the balance paid by July 31, 2024; the remaining 40% paid by January 1, 2025
10-Month Plan: 10 equal monthly installments on the first of each month, starting August 1, 2024


Sibing Discount

Tuition is reduced by 10% (in the least expensive program) for the 2nd child, 15% (in the least expensive program) for the 3rd child. The discount is based on the Full Pay Plan rate for the selected enrollment option.


Tuition Support

ISP is proud to provide need-based tuition assistance. Tuition support is based entirely on a family’s ability to pay for tuition – no other criteria is used. Click here to learn more.