School Culture

Original Owl mascot, created by students

Since the school’s founding in 1990, ISP has brought together people from many countries and backgrounds for the shared mission of developing bilingual, global citizens. This common purpose has drawn staff and families into a culture of community and support for one another. Thanks to the school’s small classes, students and teachers develop very close relationships and affection that lasts well beyond the school year and a child’s graduation.

The school’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile helps knit the entire community together, establishing a common vocabulary and expectations for how we interact with one another. Students explicitly learn about and practice these expectations through collaborative problem-solving and reflection, multi-grade assemblies, special events, interactive bulletin boards, library classes, and on the playground, in hallways, and during transition times. The overall goal is to help students bridge the Learner Profile traits from school to home, community, and throughout their lives.

International School of Portland embraces several annual traditions that bring us together as a global school community. These include our International Festival, Costume Parade, and Handshaking Ceremonies. The ISP experience culminates in two important 5th Grade milestones: Exhibition and Capstone Study Abroad.