Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

at the International School of Portland

International School of Portland has worked collaboratively with over 200 faculty, staff, and parent community members to define what equity, diversity, and inclusion means to the school.  The result was the following statement of intent.  The statement is a living, evolving document; We expect to revisit and revise it regularly.

Of course, the statement of intent is simply a starting place. It is intended to guide our community towards concrete and meaningful actions that support authentic, sustainable change. The page will be continuously updated to demonstrate on how our EDI work is reflected through our curriculum and through community engagement.



International School of Portland of Portland’s mission is to inspire children to become global citizens through an inquiry-based learning environment of total immersion in multiple languages and cultures. ISP celebrates the diversity of racial, ethnic, cultural, gender, religious, political and national backgrounds, and treats all students, faculty, and staff with kindness and respect as individuals who are inclusively welcomed into the school.

As part of fostering global citizens, the school equips students with the knowledge and skills to value difference; to challenge hate and discrimination; to act positively for change; and to embrace an international perspective across all aspects of learning. On this foundation, ISP has made the conscious decision to be an anti-racist institution. We know that pursuing the ideals of being an anti-racist institution is challenging work. ISP recognizes that forms of historical inequality, structural inequity, and unconscious bias are woven into the very fabric of institutions, systems, and policies around the world.

We are dedicated to the ongoing, intentional work of honest self-reflection and responsible action to address these issues at our school. It is through an unwavering commitment to be proactive that ISP seeks to contribute to a just and transformative educational experience, for all children, now and in the future.

Progress Updates

November 19, 2021