Language Immersion Summer Camp

Camp Overview

At camp, children will enjoy a world of fun while learning Chinese, Spanish or Japanese. International language and culture will come to life through hands-on projects, stories, songs, games and outdoor fun with our teachers from around the world.

Whether learning a new language or already fluent, campers will love our summer traditions of field days, field trips, cultural performances, ice cream parties, and more!

2019 Camp Dates

  • Session 1: June 24 – July 5 (no camp July 4)
  • Session 2: July 8 – July 19
  • Session 3: July 22 – August 2

Camp Hours

  • Drop-off: 7:45am-8:15am, free! No advance sign-up needed
  • Camp Day: 8:15am-3:30pm (8:15am-12:00pm for half day)
  • New! Global Kids Extended-day Program*: 3:30-6:00pm, Additional sign-up required

*We now offer an in-house extended-day program! Global Kids is open every day after camp and includes a variety of enrichment activities, outdoor free play, and healthy snacks. 

Camps Include

  • Small groups with teachers from around the world
  • Fun outdoor and indoor activities aimed at building language skills (songs, folktales, crafts, games, sports, and more)
  • Cultural performances
  • Ice-cream social
  • Special classes with trained specialists- yoga, sports & games, music & movement
  • Exciting field days (water balloon toss, relay races, and more)
  • Fun, cultural music and movement classes for all campers! We will offer different opportunities each session – such as Taiko, Capoeira, or African drumming!
  • Field trips!

Camp Themes

Each session the separate camp groups (colors) follow the same themes, with activities tailored specifically to campers’ age and fluency level (see chart below for details).

Session 1: Fantasy Worlds & Magical Creatures

Chan Chu is a Chinese fortune frog that brings good luck and prosperity. Acalica are Bolivian fairies who control the weather. All around the globe, there are thousands of stories about alternative realms and enchanted beings that help to explain the world and to guide people’s actions. Campers will learn about fantasy worlds and magical creatures through art, games, collaborative activities, and outdoor fun. How are these legends similar or different to those from your own culture? What do they tell us about a place? Campers will build language skills and cultural understanding through activities such as creating a new creature, writing stories, making costumes, and more!

Session 2: Rockets & Robots

Calling all aspiring astronauts, tinkerers, and makers! Bring your inner inventor to life while developing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills. Hands-on activities, games, and creative projects will teach campers about flying machines, automatons, and the technology of tomorrow, all while being immersed in their target language. Campers will apply their learning and their imaginations to create fanciful inventions of their own!

Session 3: Global Carnival

If there is one thing that people around the world love to do, it’s celebrate! During this session, campers will immerse in their target language while learning about various cultural festivals through performances, costumes, foods, and more. Explore traditions such as Japanese puppetry, Chinese acrobatics, and Latin American dance parades! Interactive projects and guest performers will entertain, educate, and inspire. Campers will create an act or exhibit of their own in their target language for an end-of-session global carnival!

Camp Groups 

Camp Staff

We’re so proud of our summer camp staff!  All of our teachers and staff members are dedicated to providing a fun, safe, and welcoming camp environment for your child.

Our camp teachers come from all over the world and have native-level fluency of the languages they teach.  Most are also teachers at The International School during the school year or have taught with our camp programs in the past.  They have a wealth of experience working with young language learners.

Our summer administrative team is here to answer questions and facilitate a smooth camp experience.  Let us know how we can help!

We are all trained in CPR and first aid.  The International School also has a dedicated Health and Safety Coordinator on campus during camp hours to help ensure the health and safety of our campers.

Behavior and Safety

The International School strives to provide a fun and safe environment for all our campers.  We expect all campers and their parents/guardians to behave in a manner that is safe, appropriate, and friendly.  If a camper behaves in a way that the staff believes to be unsafe, inappropriate or unfriendly, we will address the situation by speaking with the child and, if needed, the parents. The International School reserves the right to expel or temporarily exclude a camper for repeated or extreme misbehavior.  In the event of expulsion or exclusion, no refund will be issued.

Questions? Contact us at and check out our Summer Camp FAQ