Values, Mission & Vision



International School of Portland inspires children to become global citizens through an inquiry-based learning environment of total immersion in multiple languages and cultures.


At the International School of Portland we value:

Global Citizenship

  • We belong to a world community and embrace its diversity.
  • We are honest, respectful and take responsible action.

Language and Cultural Fluency

  • We believe language immersion promotes cultural intelligence and curiosity.

Academic Excellence through Inquiry

  • We think critically, challenge our own perspectives, and encourage collaboration.
  • We confidently express our ideas and seek to understand those of others.

The Attributes of the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile


International School of Portland is a renowned center of excellence in multicultural education:

  • Our Program engages students in a holistic, challenging academic curriculum taught through total language immersion.
  • Our inquiry-based approach nurtures curiosity, language fluency, and cultural intelligence.
  • Our passionate, multicultural faculty and staff are dedicated to the needs of all students.
  • Our vibrant and inclusive community is engaged and supportive.
  • Our children take responsible action within and beyond our school community.
  • Our graduates thrive in a diverse global environment.


The Board of Trustees is responsible for safeguarding the mission, values and vision of the school. Click here to learn about the ISP board.