Global Kids Extended-Day Program

Welcome to Global Kids, the Extended-Day Program of The International School! It offers a variety of fun enrichment classes, homework center, healthy snacks, and outdoor free play, available on a flexible schedule that meets the needs of busy parents.   All Global Kids activities are facilitated by caring, dedicated staff with expertise in the subject area of the classes they teach such as music, dance, garden, art, and math. Global Kids is available after school on Mondays through Fridays until 6pm, and offers partial or full days on most no-school days.

3rd-party Classes are also available.  You can sign up for 3rd-party class and then have your child brought to Global Kids for the remainder of the time that you need, without being double-charged. Customize your child’s Global Kids experience based upon their interests – and your schedule! The class offerings for each trimester will be available to view during Enrollment Week. 

Program Fees

Program Schedule

Semester 2 Class Schedule

Important Information for ALL TIS Families

Enrollment Overview

  • Enrollment will open for one week prior to each semester, during which families can select their choice for each day of the week per student, including 3rd Party Class options. After Enrollment Week closes, families will be e-mailed their class assignments for the semester, along with an invoice for the Global Kids classes. 3rd Party Classes will manage their billing independently.
  • Sign-up for Global Kids on no-school days, early release days, and school conference days will also be open during Enrollment Week. These special program days are contingent upon meeting a minimum enrollment during each individual day and block.  
  • For more information, please click here.

Enrollment Agreement

  • Each family who participates in Global Kids is  required to fill out our online Enrollment Agreement and to pay an annual registration fee of $35 per child. This fee is required to be paid before enrollment.

Schedule Overview

  • Global Kids Extended-Day Programming will be offered for two time blocks per day: Block 1 (3:10-5:15pm) and Block 2 (5:15-6pm).
  • Parents will be able to select classes for each student by each day of the week and by time block.
  • All of the on-site Enrichment Classes, including 3rd party Classes, will be offered during Block 1, from 3:10-5:15pm.
  • Homework time for Elementary students will be available for a short period each day of the week within Block 1, which runs from 3:10-5:15pm. Extended, dedicated homework time is available via Homework Center, offered as an optional Enrichment Class two times a week.
  • For more information, please review to the Program Schedule section

Drop-In Option

  • Drop-in options for last minute sign-ups will also be available, space permitting, for a base cost dependent upon which time block is requested.
  • Global Kids will process all Drop-in requests up to two weeks prior to the requested date. Please email with your student’s name, grade and the requested date(s).

Late Pick Up from School

  • In the event that your child is not picked up after school is dismissed (after 3:45pm on a regular day), your child will be signed-in to the Global Kids program and you will be billed the Block 1 drop in rate. If your child is not picked up by 5:15pm, the Block 2 rate will be billed.
  • In the instance that your child is dropped in to Global Kids for the first time due a late pickup, our enrollment agreement will be automatically enacted and initial registration fee will be added to your account.