Global Kids Enrollment Information

2019-20 Global Kids Terms

Semester 1: August 27, 2019 – January 23, 2020
Semester 2: January 27 – June 8, 2020

Summer Fun Weeks 2020: TBD (surround summer camp)
Extended-day After TIS Summer Camp: TBD


Enrollment Week occurs twice a year, before the start of each Global Kids semester. During Enrollment Week, families will be able to log in to the Global Kids website and make their class and time block selections for each day of the week for the upcoming semester. Enrollment Week will be announced through The Owl, according to the dates published on our calendar.

Families will receive an email with their final schedule after their enrollment selections have been approved. Payments can be made online using the Global Kids enrollment website by the end of the semester. If payment is not made in full at the time of enrollment, payments will be due monthly until the end of the semester.

Drop-in Activities

Global Kids offers single day drop-in participation for families up to two weeks in advance (space permitting). To request drop-in participation, please email and include your student’s name, grade, teacher, time blocks requesting, and desired dates of service. We will respond within 2 business days of your request. For any drop in requests coming in less than 24 hours of the desired drop in date, please email first and then call the Global Kids Program Coordinator at 503-226-2496 x226. Please note that the Coordinator will be checking and responding to Drop-in requests daily after 12:30pm on regular school days. If you have a last minute request we will reply as soon as we are able.

  • NEW! Block 1 Cost: $33.00
  • NEW! Block 2 Cost: $12.00

3rd Party Classes

Parents will be able to sign-up for 3rd Party Classes on the Global Kids enrollment web site during Enrollment Week. 3rd Party Classes are independent businesses that are not connected to The International School.

  • Some 3rd Party Class providers rent space at The International School and some companies take students off site. The International School is not responsible for the employees of these businesses, the activities they provide, or the participants of these activities while they are attending these activities.
  • As a courtesy to families, The International School coordinates with 3rd Party Classes for enrollment, attendance, and dismissal. Unless otherwise specified, 3rd party classes are dismissed from the Lower Playground at 5pm
  • Some 3rd Party Class Providers choose to operate on time and date schedules that do not align with the Global Kids Program Schedule, therefore students will not be able to be able to join the Global Kids Program on the same days that they participate in activities that do not align with the program schedule.

The Global Kids Program staff may provide medical or other student support as needed for students while they are participating in a 3rd Party Class located on campus. 3rd Party Class providers will contact each family regarding payment and other logistics for their respective classes.

If your child needs emergency medication while they are at a 3rd Party Class, the 3rd Party provider can request support from Global Kids staff to administer medications authorized to The International School. Please make sure your medical information is up to date on the parent portal and that the Health and Safety Coordinator has updated medications and a plan of care for your child.

Alternative Schedule Days

Parents can sign-up for Alternative Schedule Global Kids days, offered on most no-school days and early dismissal days, starting during the first Enrollment Week of the school year in August. Refer to the Global Kids Calendar for dates and hours of all Alternative Schedule days.

For School Breaks, enrollment is based on a full week (or all three days in the case of Thanksgiving) and families must enroll in the full week of programming. Alternative Days are subject to an enrollment minimum and may be cancelled if enrollment minimums are not met.

Professional Development Days

Please note that Global Kids will close on three afternoons during the calendar year for Staff Professional Development and Meetings. See the Global Kids calendar for the exact dates of each school year.