Parent Network

The Parent Network’s mission is to strengthen, enhance and encourage the educational and community environment at International School of Portland. Reformed in the Spring of 2015, it serves to identify and organize volunteer support at ISP. Just as importantly, it aims to strengthen relationships, communication, and collaboration between parents, faculty, and administrators.  It will be integral to furthering the school’s mission to provide an excellent education for its future global citizens.

•   The Parent Network provides volunteer support for the advancement of the larger ISP mission. All current volunteer positions are overseen by the Parent Network.

•   It is led by Steering Committee, comprised mostly of parents

•   Works in close collaboration with the school administration and staff

•   Aligned with values, vision, and policies of ISP

•   Membership is free and open to all parents and guardians of currently enrolled students

•   It’s a wonderful way to get to know other ISP families, build community, and help to strengthen our school.

Get Involved!

Volunteering at ISP automatically makes you a participant in the Parent Network.

By getting involved, you can:

  • Show your child that school is important in your family’s life
  • Help get important work done that would otherwise either be delayed, not done, or taking time from other staff responsibilities
  • Get to know teachers, administrative staff and other parents
  • Teach your child the value of service by example
  • More easily help improve the school with your suggestions

Click Here to learn more about volunteer opportunities.