Art, Music & PE Specialist Faculty

All students study art, music & PE with specialists as an integral part of the TIS curriculum.

Sarah Harpole
Art Specialist

  • From Albany, Oregon
  • Master’s in Art Education from Pacific University
  • BA with a minor in Art History from the University of Oregon
  • Teaching since 2007; teaching full-time at TIS since 2014.

Growing up I knew I wanted to be an Art Teacher. While in high school, I was lucky to have an amazing, fun, dynamic and creative Art Teacher who also taught me the importance of making sure your students know you care about them and believe in their ability to do great things. I’m blessed to have the amazing job of encouraging young people to find their own way of expressing themselves through visual arts. I value the importance of teaching students to try their best, to be helpful and to be kind to others. One of my favorite things about being a teacher is seeing kids feeling proud to create something with not only their hands but also with their hearts.

I grew up in Albany, Oregon and have a deep appreciation for our natural world. I have had the chance to appreciate Oregon’s fabulous wilderness by camping, fishing and hiking with my family and friends throughout my life. My husband and I still enjoy getting outdoors with our giant and very well-loved Chocolate Labrador, Brutus. Many students know all about Brutus and I like to think of him as a bit of a celebrity among our school community;) Some of my hobbies include painting, photography, cross-stitch, pottery, cooking and attempting to maintain a garden. I am so happy to be a part of the TIS community! Feel free to stop by the Art Room to get a glimpse of what we are learning. Also, please go check out the Specialist updates to learn more about our students’ amazing creative work!

Carolina Barros
Art Specialist

  • From Porto Alegre, Brazil and Boston, Massachusetts
  • BA in Visual Arts, BA in Theater from College of Charleston
  • Masters in Teaching from Lewis and Clark College
  • Teaching since 2008; teaching at TIS since 2010

I became interested in learning about different cultures after living in the Boston area. Upon returning to my native Brazil, I brought with me a new perspective of a world full of different cultures and languages – and a lot of wonderful diversity. I returned to the United States after being accepted to Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick, Massachusetts, a school which taught students to celebrate their different backgrounds and all walks of life.

My passion for diversity, art and teaching grew with my college years, as I taught Portuguese privately and to fellow students. These experiences have allowed me to, without a shadow of a doubt, enroll in an M.A.T. (Master of Arts in Teaching) program at Lewis and Clark, where multiculturalism is emphasized. And now I am a proud member of TIS and am still celebrating multiculturalism as well as learning with each year that goes by.

Peter Musselman
Music Specialist

  • From Fresno, CA, Elsah, IL and Lancaster, PA.
  • BA in Geosciences (Music Minor) from Franklin & Marshall College
  • BS in Music from Southern Oregon University
  • Masters in Electronic Music & Recording Media from Mills College
  • Level I Certification, Kodaly Workshop at Portland State University
  • Level I & II Orff-Schulwerk – The San Francisco School
  • Orff Schulwerk Level III, Southern Methodist University, Dallas TX
  • Serves on the board of the Portland Orff-Schulwerk Association (POSA)

As a music teacher, I give my students the gift of fluency in the language of music. Fluency in spoken language describes the ability to actively and effectively engage in an unscripted conversation, not just the ability to correctly recite a practiced passage. Similarly, my students should be comfortable not only reading music, but composing and improvising music as well.

My musical life has given me the joy of listening to music, playing music, and the joy of long-lasting friendships that began through musical activities. I teach music to share the joy that my involvement in music from an early age has given me. I expect that my students will have the confidence to join and participate in any community they may encounter in their lives.

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David Top
Music Specialist

  • BS Education, Warner Pacific College
  • BS Music Education, Warner Pacific College
  • Pursuing Masters in Teaching, English Language Learning, Western Governors University
  • Teaching since 2010

Robert Briglia
Physical Education Specialist

  • From Erie, Pennsylvania, lived in Portland since 1990.
  • BA in Psychology, California State University in Los Angeles.  ARM: Associate in Risk Management; Insurance Institute of America
  • All-American Track and Field 800 meters (twice), Academic All-American
  • Teaching at TIS since 2004

My PE class is a challenging mix of physical conditioning and skills attainment. Within a 45 minute class period, there exists ample time to physically condition children for increased strength, aerobic development, and agility, as well as provide a secure environment to develop small and large motor skills needed for various sports. PE includes socialization as well as sportsmanship, which I work to foster. Having raised three daughters of my own helps me to combine the perspective of both teacher and parent in the classroom.

Employing my own school motto: Strive, Endure, Accomplish; students are prepared to run a timed mile once per year. The process involves extending their comfort zones, allowing their bodies to adjust to larger workloads, and encouraging their confidence as they attain greater range in their running.

Small classes and support of the parents help make TIS PE a special place. The children continue to rise and meet new challenges with enthusiasm and effort.

David Platt
Physical Education Specialist

  • From Norwalk and Glastonbury, Connecticut
  • Bachelor’s Degree in English from Bowdoin College
  • Maitrise in American Literature from Paris 8
  • Teaching since 2000; teaching at TIS since 2005

I love those moments of discovery for students when they take something I had to offer as a teacher and makes it theirs. When I see how something is understood, I learn as a teacher.The International School is a thriving multicultural environment and it is interesting for me simply to be around people from so many different countries and backgrounds.

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