Japanese Track Faculty

Chisa Terano Chilgren
PreK (3-year-olds) Teacher

  • From Nara, Japan
  • Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts at Tezukayama University, Japan
  • Master’s in Curriculum & Instruction at Portland State University
  • Teaching since 2000; teaching at TIS since 2005

I look forward to coming to school every day to spend precious moments with my students. They are my source of energy and smiles! I am very fortunate to be a teacher at TIS where I can passionately share Japanese culture and language, and support young learners to be global citizens. I believe that true learning can happen when children are challenged while having fun in a nurturing environment. It is my goal to create a learning environment that attracts children to be curious learners all day long.

My favorite moments at TIS are when I get to have casual conversations with my former students in Japanese on campus. My young stars always give me delightful surprises by speaking Japanese more fluently and with confidence year by year. What a rewarding profession teaching is!

Junko O’Neill
LowK (4-year-olds) Teacher

  • From Shiga, Japan
  • Bachelor’s in English from Kyoto Sangyo University
  • Teaching since 1999; teaching at TIS since 2006

While attending Kyoto Sangyo University, I became interested in bilingual education and the process of learning a second language. After graduation, I began my career by teaching English to young children in Japan for three years. I then took a position in Singapore teaching the Shichida Method. It was a very diverse environment, and I greatly enhanced my knowledge of early childhood education.

When I moved to Portland three years later, I knew that TIS was the school that I was searching for! I believe strongly in a full immersion environment as the best way for students to learn a second language. I am privileged to be able to see the students’ everyday growth so closely. I am constantly thrilled to rediscover the beauty of Japanese language and culture through the eyes of the children. I am proud to be a member of TIS!

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Hideko Forzley
Kinder/1st Grade Teacher

  • From Tokyo, Japan
  • Bachelor’s in Japanese Literature at Tokyo Kasei Gakuen
  • Teaching since 1998; teaching at TIS 1998 to 2008 and since 2009

I like to have a great time with my students, and actually, the students teach me something new every day. That is the best thing about teaching for me. Everyone at TIS focuses on the students and on making this a good place for the students to learn. Thank you to the TIS community for everything – I really love teaching here!

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Masami Maruki
2nd/3rd Grade Teacher

  • From Kanagawa, Japan, as well as Peru, Brazil, and Singapore
  • Bachelor’s in Rehabilitation Services at University of Connecticut
  • Master’s in Education at Japan Women’s University
  • Teaching at TIS since 2006

I am proud to be a member of the TIS community, where cultural interactions are always active and fresh. Having lived in different countries in my childhood, I am aware of the great stimulation that different cultures and languages can give in the early stages of life.

Now as a teacher, I am more than thrilled to experience this path of engaging education with my students and their families. By working together with my students, I hope to see the world from their points of view, to grow, and to achieve the best results.

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Takanori “Taka” Fujii
4th/5th Grade Teacher

  • From Fukuoka, Japan
  • Bachelor’s from Soka University in Economics, followed by a teaching license in 1996
  • Teaching since 1996; teaching at TIS since 2009

I taught 1st to 6th grade as a certified Elementary School teacher for ten years in Hokkaido, Japan. Several of my college colleagues told me to “treasure every encounter, for it will never happen again” and this has become my personal motto. I’ve been fortunate to have experienced many of these precious encounters with my students and look forward to working with the parents and staff of TIS to support your child’s educational growth.

Keiko Peffly
Teacher’s Assistant

  • From Fukui, Japan
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Science/Early Childhood Education. Graduated Cum Laude from Oregon State University

I have  been working at TIS for 10 years now. I previously taught in Japan, Hungary, and the U.S  to children aged 3-years-old to 15-years-old in both private and public schools.

I really enjoy working at The International School. This is an outstanding school for the children to have opportunities to learn and appreciate languages and cultures from native-speaking teachers to become global citizens in a full immersion setting  I believe that each child has a great potential to be successful in her/his life. I am grateful to be a part of their school lives.

Sachiyo Yajima
Teacher’s Assistant

  • From Tokyo, Japan
  • Bachelor’s in Faculty of Foreign Languages, Dokkiyo University

I am happy to be a part of this school and help with children’s learning and development each and every day. I am always amazed by the students’ ability to discover and create new things. I think TIS is the ideal way to nurture (future) global citizens through an immersion environment.