Japanese Track Faculty

Chisa Terano Chilgren
PreK (3-year-olds) Teacher

  • From Nara, Japan
  • Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts at Tezukayama University, Japan
  • Master’s in Curriculum & Instruction at Portland State University
  • Teaching since 2000; teaching at ISP since 2005

Junko O’Neill
LowK (4-year-olds) Teacher

  • From Shiga, Japan
  • Bachelor’s in English from Kyoto Sangyo University
  • Teaching since 1999; teaching at ISP since 2006

Hideko Forzley
Kindergarten Teacher

  • From Tokyo, Japan
  • Bachelor’s in Japanese Literature at Tokyo Kasei Gakuen
  • Teaching at ISP since 1998

Akiko Blazina 
Kindergarten Teacher Aide

Satoko Petty
1st Grade Teacher

  • From Shiga, Japan
  • Bachelor of Policy Studies from Kwansei Gakuin University
  • Master of TESOL from Eastern Michigan University
  • Teaching since 2003; teaching at ISP since 2021

Masami Maruki
2nd Grade Teacher

  • From Kanagawa, Japan, as well as Peru, Brazil, and Singapore
  • Bachelor’s in Rehabilitation Services at University of Connecticut
  • Master’s in Education at Japan Women’s University
  • Teaching at ISP since 2006

Yoshimi Kelly
3rd Grade Teacher

  • BA in International Communication from Heian Jogakuin (St. Agnes) University in Osaka, Japan
  • Teaching since 2007; teaching at ISP since 2023

Takanori “Taka” Fujii
4th/5th Grade Teacher

  • From Fukuoka, Japan
  • Bachelor’s from Soka University in Economics, followed by a teaching license in 1996
  • Teaching since 1996; teaching at ISP since 2009