Spanish Track Faculty

Yessica Rosales
PreK (3-year-olds) teacher

  • From Southern California
  • MA in Education with a focus Secondary Education, Grand Canyon University
  • BA in French and Francophone Studies, Humboldt State University, CA
  • BA in Interdisciplinary Studies focus International Business, Humboldt State University, CA
  • Teaching since 2018; teaching at ISP since 2022

Lorena Espino
LowK (4-year-olds) Teacher

  • From Michoacan, México
  • Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education from Northeastern Illinois University
  • Teaching since 2007; teaching at ISP since 2015


Claudia Matamoros Pinel
LowK (4-year-olds) Teacher

  • From San Pedro Sula, Honduras
  • Master’s in English as a Second Language from Framingham State University
  • BA in Early Childhood Education from Universidad Catolica de Temuco in Chile
  • Almost three decades of teaching experience!


Isabel Lopez
Kindergarten Teacher

  • From Spain
  • Teaching at ISP since 2019

Genny Jimenez
Kindergarten Teacher

  • From Southern California
  • Bachelor’s in Marketing from Western Governor’s University
  • Early Childhood teacher since 2017; teaching at ISP since 2021

Romina Guanuco-Crandall
Kindergarten Teacher

  • From Argentina
  • Master’s in Spanish from Portland State University
  • BA in English and Teaching Certificate from Instituto de Educación Superior N°4 in Jujuy, Argentina
  • Teaching since 2015; teaching at ISP since 2023

Ivonne Diershaw
1st Grade Teacher

  • From México City, Mexico
  • Bachelor’s in Pedagogy from Universidad Nacional Autónomo de México
  • Teaching since 1989; teaching at ISP since 2000

Elizabeth Rocio Jones
2nd Grade Teacher

  • From Lima, Perú

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design

  • Education from ISTP María Rosario Araoz Pinto

  • Oregon Educator Licensure Assessments for Spanish (ORELA)

  • Montessori Teacher Training (American Montessori Society)

  • Teaching since 2011

Vicky Meneses
2nd Grade Teacher

  • From Mexico

  • At ISP since 1996

Cristina Lupiáñez Jiménez
3rd Grade Teacher

  • From Granada, Spain
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Language Primary Teaching, University of Granada
  • ERASMUS Program in English Primary Teaching, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK
  • Teaching since 2009
Maria Hosseinian Gudin
Spanish Third Grade
  • From Spain
  • Master’s in Neuropsychology and Education from Universidad Internacional de La Rioja in Logroño, Spain
  • BA in Primary Teaching from Universidad Internacional de La Rioja
  • BA in Pedagogy from Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Teaching since 2018; teaching at ISP since 2023

Paola Gagliardo
4th Grade Teacher

  • From Quito, Ecuador
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical and Industrial Engineering, Minor in Psychology
  • Education from Universidad San Francisco de Quito
  • Teaching since 2004; Teaching at ISP since 2012

Constanza Wilkes
5th Grade Teacher

  • From Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia
  • Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from St. Buenaventura University
  • Two years of business education, including accounting
  • Teaching since 1983; teaching at ISP since 1999

Gabriela Gómez Bruballa
5th Grade Teacher

  • From Spain
  • BA in Primary School Teaching,  Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Catalonia, Spain
  • BA Language Education, English, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Catalonia, Spain
  • Teaching since 2010; teaching at ISP since 2022

Luzmila Aixa Solari
Teacher’s Assistant

  • From Lima, Peru
  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Education – Candidate
  • Taught 1992-1994 in Peru; teaching at ISP since 2006

Elizabeth Martinez
Teacher’s Assistant

  • From Mexico
  • At ISP since 2002

Lucia Guerra
Teacher’s Assistant

  • From Guatemala

Cecilia Goldsmith
Teacher’s Assistant