Spanish Immersion

International School of Portland opened its doors in 1990 with the Spanish Track. Our teachers come from Spanish-speaking countries all over the world, bringing not only a language, but also customs, traditions, and unique ways of thinking and teaching. The warmth in the Spanish Track classes seems to spill out the classroom doors. The children use this energy to study a rigorous International Baccalaureate curriculum, all taught in Spanish and within the context of their teachers’ cultures.

The Spanish Track program culminates with a fifth grade Capstone trip to a sister school in a Spanish-speaking country.  There, the children see that their Spanish language and cultural skills can truly open doors for them across the world. Each student’s trip is included in their school tuition.

The added beauty of International School of Portland is that the children are also exposed to the Chinese and Japanese languages and cultures. As a result, our students develop an innate appreciation for diversity in people and thought.

International Spanish Academy

Since November 2006, ISP has been an International Spanish Academy (ISA), part of an international cooperative educational project between American schools and the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain.  The ISA program was formed by the Spanish government to develop quality Spanish-English education which will promote high academic standards for all students. The program’s goals include providing students with the values of multicultural education and fostering international relations and the understanding between cultures.

In 2016, International School of Portland was awarded 4th place in the ISA’s Academic Excellence in Spanish Competition. The contest recognizes North American K-12 schools for excellence in the implementation of an integrated learning methodology of content and language in Spanish. International School of Portland was the only private school recognized out of the seven elementary, middle, and high schools on the list.

“International School of Portland was selected because of its excellence in the teaching of the Spanish Language and Culture,”says Maria del Mar Torres Ruiz, Education Attaché in the Education Office of the Consulate General of Spain.

“Children become fluent in language and culture when they are fully immersed with all subjects taught in the target language,” said ISP Principal Maria Abad. “The Spanish government’s recognition of our full immersion approach brings even more resources to the children and teachers.”