Chinese Immersion

Using the best of Chinese and American teaching philosophies, our Chinese Track teachers create a warm and caring atmosphere based on mutual respect of classmates and teachers. Our teachers all have native-level fluency, teaching the Chinese language and rich Chinese culture. Native speakers are consistently impressed by our students’ tones and fluency in reading, writing and speaking Chinese.

In this environment, the children learn a rigorous curriculum of math, science, and social studies, taught in Chinese through the International Baccalaureate inquiry-based program. Our students are also exposed to the Japanese and Spanish languages and cultures at festivals, in the playground, and as they mix with students in the other language tracks for art, music, PE and English class. As a result, our students develop an innate appreciation for diversity in people and thought.

The Chinese Track program culminates with a fifth grade Capstone trip to a sister school in China. There, the children see that their Chinese language and cultural skills can truly open doors for them across the world.

TIS becomes Confucius Classroom

On April 15, 2011, TIS was one of eleven Oregon schools to become a “Confucius Classroom”, designated by the Chinese government-affiliated Hanban Chinese Language Council. reported that about 300 people attended the ceremony, welcoming a 41-person Chinese delegation.

“The inaugural ceremony was beautiful and the students from TIS were the highlights and focus at the event,” said Meiru Liu, Director of the Confucius Institute at Portland State University. “We appreciate all the great support from administrators, teachers and students from TIS who helped make the event so successful!”

The Chinese delegation included Madam Liu Yandong, State Councilor of the People’s Republic of China. According to Hanban news, TIS fourth grader Eliot “presented flowers to Liu Yandong and greeted her in clear, fluent Chinese.”

“Children like Eliot are of vital significance to Sino-American friendship,” observed Liu Yandong.