March 8, 2023

The Owl 3/8/23

5th Grade Capstone Study Abroad and Send Off!

Next week, our 5th graders are headed off on their Capstone Study Abroad trips! We had a special Send-Off Ceremony this morning, where 1st – 4th graders got to hear about their trips and wish the 5th graders good luck on their trips!

For the first time since 2019, each track will be able to travel out of the country. The pandemic unfortunately ceased our traditional trip itineraries and destinations, so we have spent the past two years rebuilding our program for all three tracks. This year, the destinations are as follows:

Japanese: Tokyo, Japan
Spanish: Saltillo and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Chinese: Taipei, Taiwan

The Chinese and Spanish tracks will spend part of their time attending school with local students (we hope to add a school visit to the Japan trip as well). All tracks will be visiting important historic and cultural sites and engaging in local traditions and customs. These trips cap off their time at the International School of Portland, where most have been students since preschool. Tuition covers the student travel for these trips.

We will be sharing photos and videos of the Capstone Study Abroad trips over the next few weeks. Have a great time, 5th graders!

Green Corner: 5th Grade Exhibition Topics

Along with preparing for the Capstone trips, 5th Graders are also working hard on their Exhibition projects!

The Exhibition is the culminating experience of students at ISP. It is an independent and collaborative inquiry into a global issue of their choice, using both English and the target language Students design their inquiry, engage in multiple kinds of research, and then decide how to present their findings to the community. Every 5th grader at ISP participates in this experience.

There are several environmentally-related Exhibition topics this year. They include:

-Air Pollution
-Space Trash
-Water Pollution

Celebrate with us on April 19 and 20! We will hold an evening event with families (in English) on the 19th and two full days for the community to learn from our students and ask them questions. It is the best opportunity for them (and you!) to show off all the skills they have acquired through years of learning at ISP.


ISP Girl Scout Cookies!

Did you know that ISP has two of its very own Girl Scout Troops? And you’re in luck, because they are selling COOKIES!

The ISP 3 Grade Troop will have booths on campus during dismissal on the following dates:

March 13, 3-4pm
March 23, 3-4pm

They’ll be outside Learners Hall and Stearns Hall.

If the 5th grade troop still has cookie inventory towards the end of the season, they’ll have a booth after returning from Capstone. 🙂