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March 24, 2022

Japanese Capstone Blog 2022: March 18th

March 17th, by Yukako Last Day/Day 5 Pearl Harbor National Memorial: Our Japanese guide, Sayuri, gave us a tour of the Pearl Harbor National Memorial. Due to recent lifting of museum closures due to COVID, our group wasn’t able to get USS Arizona and USS Missouri tickets, still we got to visit the site and… View Article

March 23, 2022

Japanese Capstone Blog 2022: March 17th

March 17th, By Niki Day 4!  Waking up to the honking sounds of the St. Patrick’s bagpipes was certainly unexpected! After powering up with a sugary breakfast, we made our way to the Japanese Cultural Center. While much of the exhibits were still closed due to COVID, we learned about the WWII internment camps here… View Article

March 22, 2022

Japanese Capstone Blog 2022: March 16th

March 16,  By Leann Day 3! The excitement for today had been building all week. We started the morning with a scenic drive north to the beautiful and peaceful Byodo-In Temple. Our driver, Gar, entertained us with interesting facts like how to pronounce “muumuu” in Hawaiian. Many students took the opportunity to ring the bell,… View Article

March 21, 2022

Japanese Capstone Blog 2022: March 15th – Part 2

Blog 2 March 15, By Hideko Aloha! We visited the Bishop Museum in the morning to discover Hawaii’s history, living culture and environment. There are many exhibitions and most of the students were interested in volcano and Hawaiian’s kingdom history. In the afternoon we went to Honolulu downtown to see our Japanese guide Sayuri. We… View Article

March 20, 2022

Japanese Capstone Blog 2022: March 15th – Part 1

March 15th, Day 2: The group met a local Japanese tour guide, Sayuri and begun Waikiki walking tour in the morning. Sayuri and her Japanese tour staff were very impressed our 5th graders fully understand and communicate with her in Japanese. Did you know Waikiki means “Spouting water” in Hawaiian language? Sayuri took us around… View Article

March 19, 2022

Japanese Capstone Blog 2022: March 14th

March 14th, Day 1 Each family arranged their flights and arrived at a different time. Students waited swimming in the ocean and hotel pool till all families checked in and had a welcome orientation and Waikiki city walk by our travel coordinator/leader, Morgan. She showed us around near our hotel and Waikiki and looks us… View Article

March 18, 2022

Japanese Capstone Blog 2022: March 13th & 14th

Days 0 and 1: P Collected by Yukako Owen Aloha! Greeting from Japanese track capstone group from Waikiki! First of all, Japanese track students and families truly appreciate ISP admin, capstone coordinators, Taka sensei and everyone who made this Capstone trip 2022 happen! Due to strict covid restrictions in Japan, it was unfortunate we could… View Article