July 23, 2018

Welcome, Cristina Lupiáñez Jiménez

TIS is pleased to introduce Cristina Lupiáñez Jiménez, our new Spanish PreK teacher, to our community (Maestra Vicky is moving to 2nd Grade this year)! Cristina hails from Granada, Spain, where she also taught most recently after spending time in the UK. Here is a message from Cristina:

I am looking forward to teaching at TIS as it is wonderful to see how young learners grow up in multicultural environments, how they improve their linguistic and personal skills as well as to bring them closer to the culture and traditions of my home country, Spain.

Since I was really young I knew I wanted to be a teacher. While I was studying my teaching degree, I participated in a Spanish exchange program at a school in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Then I moved to Manchester, England, where I finished my studies at Manchester Metropolitan University and completed a school placement where I taught Spanish to children aged 7-8. In 2009, I participated in the Comenius Programme, an European Union educational project, working in two schools in Bristol, England. Since then, I have improved my teaching skills, specializing in both Spanish and English as a foreign language teaching. It has given me loads of gratitude and satisfactions to encouragestudents to their best, as I live my job as my biggest passion. 

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, listening to music, reading books and travel magazines, going outdoors for trekkings and cooking. But what I enjoy the most is learning professional photography. My camera always travels with me! 

Welcome, Cristina!