June 11, 2018

Volunteer Hall of Fame: Priscilla Lane-Kappes

Our longtime garden volunteer, Priscilla Lane-Kappes, is taking a step back from her daily garden duties. It seemed only fitting to create a Volunteer Hall of Fame just for her! Priscilla has led the garden program for almost 15 years. She tends to the our growing plants – and children – almost every day of the year, including summer. Priscilla has been instrumental in making the garden program what it is today. Therefore, we will be officially naming the TIS garden Priscilla’s Garden. The photo at right captures when we surprised her with a plaque and the naming announcement.

Priscilla won’t be going away completely (phew!!), so if you see her, please do say hello and THANK YOU! Her hard work and dedication to the school has been unparalled. Thank you for helping to make our plants and students grow and thrive!