Room Parent Resources

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Helpful Handout from veteran Room Parents!

Main room parent responsibilities

It is really important that you work closely with the teacher on what they see your role as room parent will be.  Each teacher is different.  You will find that there are teachers that want the room parent to help out a lot, other teachers may take on more of that responsibility.

** Please note – the room parent is not responsible for everything. Please make sure the other parents volunteer for individual jobs. The room parent is responsible for leading and delegating.

  • Curriculum night – This is mostly for the teacher to discuss curriculum & expectations, but room parents should take a few minutes to set the stage for the coming year.  It’s important to discuss with other families about volunteering, auction project, field trips, etc.
    • Consider using Curriculum Night to take pictures of all the parents. If you can have one parent volunteer give your class and the teacher a cheat sheet with parent names & photos, they will all love you! (Copy to the marketing director – – pretty please? 🙂
    • Assist teachers with field trips.  This requires helping coordinate drivers and chaperones (See notes below).  NOTE: There will not be drivers for 2021-22
    • Work with teachers to identify parties for the year (the school pays for two parties per year), and get a parent to coordinate volunteers.
    • Determine the lead person(s) in charge of the Auction Art Project or Basket.
    • Room parents may be responsible for forwarding emails to parents from different sources within the school. However, most communication should be through the teacher’s weekly e-mail or The Owl.
    • Be the lead person for the class for Teacher Appreciation Day.
    • Some classes like to do Memory Books for the year. The room parent usually gets a volunteer to lead this.
    • Assist the teachers with logistics for school performances. Sometimes this requires working with teachers on chaperoning, or assisting with brainstorming costume ideas.
    • Room parents are NOT to collect funds from other parents for a class fund.

Class Expenses

Expenses such as costumes, class celebrations (2 per year) and up to 6 curriculum-related field trips per year are covered by the school when these items are budgeted by the teacher. If parents do spend money on behalf of the school (which should be avoided if possible), such expenses must be pre-approved through the ISP purchase order and reimbursement process (see section on “Expense Reimbursement” in the ISP Parent Handbook). Room parents or other parents should not be collecting money for a class fund.

Sharing the work

  • Free on-line sign-up service:
  • Form for getting other parents in the class to sign-up: Excel Version: Volunteer Sign Up List_2017 (please go over the form with the teacher first in case your teacher has different requests)

Get to know the teacher

If you or another parent will be coordinating teacher gifts / teacher appreciation tokens, you may want your teacher to fill in a form like this! Teacher Questionnaire, PDF (just an example that you can use or adapt)

Field Trips & Background Checks

Auction Info for Room Parents & Class organizers

Resource people

If you ever have any questions, please get in touch!