National Standards

National and State Educational Standards, published by various academic organizations, identify the most important concepts and skills for development in a particular field of study. These are the concepts and skills that experts in the field have identified as essential for all people to be able to understand and perform.

Many schools adopt standards to provide a clear and coherent vision of educational benchmarks to guide classroom instruction.  Standards are not intended to serve as a curriculum, but rather as a reference for teachers and administrators.

International School of Portland’s curriculum content is shaped by the Oregon Standards for Science (which are aligned to the National Science Standards), the National Social Studies Standards, and the Common Core State Standards for Math, which have been adopted by 38 states including Oregon. ISP chose these sets of standards because they represent strong, clear thinking on the concepts children should be learning.  These standards provide a minimum benchmark for students and teachers at ISP, with actual student achievements frequently exceeding these academic targets.

Following these standards through the Primary Years Programme at ISP, with its focus on student-led inquiry and hands-on engagement, ensures that our students are gaining essential knowledge, while at the same time developing critical skills for independent, life-long learning.

For more information on these standards, follow these links.

Please note that ISP does not necessarily follow each set of Standards in the suggested sequential order.  Rather, each benchmark is aligned to our curriculum in a way that best serves our students.

SCIENCE- Oregon Department of Education

MATH- Common Core Standards Initiative

SOCIAL STUDIES- National Council for the Social Studies

ENGLISH LITERACY – Common Core Standards Initiative