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Daily Life

What is the procedure during recess and lunch breaks? What do children do when inclement weather makes it necessary to stay indoors?

ISP students eat lunch in their classroom and have outdoor, unstructured play at both recess and lunch times. We ask that all students have rain jackets and boots at school so that classes can go outside even when it is raining. The main campus has a large tent on the playground for covered play.

Students are always supervised by teachers and/or administrative staff. ISP also has an EMT/Security officer who is generally on the main campus playground when classes are there.

What will a typical day be like for my child?

Click here to read about the “typical day” in preschool and kindergarten.

Does ISP serve lunch?

Parents have the choice to pack their childs lunch or there are four optional on-campus lunch delivery options for an extra charge.

Do you have before and after school programs?

All students may be dropped off at 7:30am at no extra charge. Global Kids Extended-day Program goes until 6pm.

What are the school’s main policies and procedures?

Please see ISP policies & procedures in the Parent Handbook.

Do you have a bus system?

No, however many of our families carpool or take public transportation. Enrolled families may list a carpool need in our weekly parent bulletin by sending information to Click here for alternative transportation options.