February 8, 2021

Elementary Family Reminders

Dear ISP Elementary Families,

Thank you so much for your patience as we continue to finalize plans for reopening this month!  We feel so fortunate and privileged to have the facilities and resources that enable us to reopen our campus close to full-time while mitigating risk to our community. We are so excited to see your children live and in-person!

That being said, there are some necessary changes this year that you should be aware of. Here are some reminders:


 We have introduced a new app, SchoolPass, to simplify the ease and access of morning student health screening, attendance, and dismissal procedures. It will replace the dismissal cards of the past. 

  • If you usually drive to school, this year we are asking all Elementary families to use curbside drop off and dismissal, UNLESS you also have an Early Childhood student. If you walk or bike to school, you will also need to download the SchoolPass app for wellness checks, arrival, and dismissal; you obviously won’t use the carline, though. 🙂
  • Families with Early Childhood students should continue to park and walk their children to class. Starting this Wednesday, we will shift the Early Childhood parent parking areas to Caruthers and Water street before Stearns Hall. This is to help them avoid getting mixed in with Elementary carline traffic.
  • Please note that SchoolPass is ONLY for on-campus student wellness screening, arrival, and dismissal. Our school database, MySchool App, is used for everything else!

More information about arrival and dismissal – as well as how to download and use SchoolPass – will be coming shortly!



  • Per Governor orders, all adults and children aged 5 and older are required to wear face coverings.  All ISP employees are provided with masks and other PPE appropriate to their job responsibilities. Masks will be removed only for lunch and snacks. 
  • Bring multiple masks per day! Face coverings must be changed when wet or dirty. During the rainy season, students can go through 3 or more per day. Please send your child with plenty of extra face coverings to school. We will send them back to be washed as they become saturated/dirty.

If you have not already done so, we urge parents to practice face mask usage with your children now.  We recommend starting with short periods of time to begin with, like walks around the neighborhood. Here are some recommendations about how to help your children become accustomed to wearing coverings.



Lunches (and Elementary snacks) must be brought from home. All on-site volunteer and visitor programs are currently suspended in order to minimize risk of exposure to COVID-19. Due to these restrictions, we are unfortunately not able to provide third-party lunch deliveries to campus for the rest of the school year. We simply do not have the staffing resources to safely distribute them ourselves. We hope to resume providing lunch options in the 2021-2022 school year.



 We are purchasing all necessary school supplies. The only things that your child needs to bring from home are: 

  1. a) headphones
  2. b) notebooks that they have been working in during CL
  3. c) a reusable water bottle

The other supplies in the Continuous Learning kits should stay at home. We please ask that kids do not bring in other things from home.

We thank you for your help and cooperation. We are committed to providing a safe way to give your kids the best of International School of Portland.  Our teachers and staff remain dedicated to providing your child a unique, quality ISP education. 

More to come!