May 13, 2020

The Owl Weekly Parent Newsletter 4/28/20

TONIGHT! Education Town Hall

ELT Education Town Halls allow you to pose your questions or comments about any part of the academic program of The International School. We make them virtual so you can join from home or office. we will be discussing any questions you might have regarding our academic program, both currently and for the upcoming 2020-21 school year. 

The TIS Education Leadership Team (ELT) consists of: Robert Woods, Head of School; Maria Abad, Head of Early Childhood; Bodo Heiliger, Head of Elementary; Kelly Rogers, International Baccalaureate PYP Coordinator; and TimiSue Abbott, Student Support Services Coordinator. 

 A quick registration is required; please so do here.

April 28, 2020

TIS Library News

1 New Ebooks from the TIS library
2 Overdue books.
3 Book Fair!
4 Reading at home
5 Online meeting with the librarian on Wednesday, April 29.

1 New ebooks from the TIS Library.

We are excited to announce that the library has started to purchase ebooks solely for use by the TIS community.  Sora is the best way to access the TIS collection.   It’s a great e-reader for students and can search both the TIS Library and public library collections simultaneously.   It works well on laptops, phones and tablets.  Many of the titles can be read on a Kindle as well. 

Here is a quick video that shows what Sora can do. Here is another short video with a bit more on how to actually use it.  Ready to try it out?  Click on the Sora link on the library home page and sign in with your child’s TIS email.  Add a public library (or more than one) if you like.   If you have suggestions for material you want the TIS library to acquire please fill out a request form on the library home page. Many thanks to Mark Usher, Robert Woods and the ELT for supporting this ebook initiative!

2  Library materials are not overdue.

Please hold onto them for now.  We will let you know know when and how to return them when it is safe to do so.

3 Book Fair is coming! 

Do you need something new for your kids to read? The TIS Library will be holding a virtual book fair in May!  Details are forthcoming.

4 Reading at Home.

Although times are uncertain this is a golden opportunity to establish (or reestablish) quality reading experiences.  Please set aside times to read together, to read seperately, and to discuss the different things people are reading in your home.   It is also important for parents to model the act of reading a diversity of material.    Novels, news, non-fiction, graphic novels, manga, cookbooks, travel guides, scores, comic strips, magazines- even an encyclopedia entry.  Just read!

5  Online Meeting with TIS Librarian Dan Kelley

Do you have questions or ideas about reading in your home or about ebooks?  Dan Kelley will host a gotomeeting for parents tomorrow, Wednesday April 29 from 4-4:30 PM at Or email anytime.

Dan Kelley    (he/him)
Head Librarian

The International School

This Friday: 5th Grade Exhibition 

Fifth graders at The International School work hard to prepare for the IB Exhibition, the culminating event for PYP students. It is a special, year-long Unit of Inquiry designed and executed by the students themselves. Children write lines of inquiry, gather data, conduct investigations, take action, and present this experience in a public forum. This year was no different. 

In past years, students have presented their work in person for audiences of parents, teachers, visitors and fellow students. This year, they will be presenting on a virtual platform. 

TIS 5th Grade Exhibition
Friday, May 1
Times TBD

Exhibition will consist of:

  • Grades 2-5 Special Project Time: The special project for 2nd-5th grade students will be to take action to help the 5th graders celebrate their exhibition. Links will be shared so that students can visit the different displays.
  • Open question and answer times so that students, teachers, and families can engage directly with the d
    ifferent groups. These will be hosted in the teachers’ virtual classrooms.

More info and links to follow!

Moving for Music and Art 2020 

We are saddened by many event cancellations this spring at TIS, including Moving for Music and Art.  However, we wanted to share with you the winner of our 2020 MMA logo contest!  Congratulations to Norah, CH 4, for her winning logo design!  Thank you to everyone who submitted their design ideas for our annual contest. We will be using Norah’s logo for our MMA 2021 event!