October 1, 2019

The Owl Weekly Parent Newsletter 10/01/19

TIS Spirit Day this Friday! 

This Friday, October 4 is our first monthly TIS Spirit Day! We invite all community members to show off our school spirit. Wear your TIS field trip shirt or other gear! 

Want to stock up? Check out the TIS Spirit Store!

No School Oct 11th or 18th

As a reminder, there is NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS next Friday, October 11th (Statewide Teacher Inservice Day) or Friday, October 18th (Parent Teacher Conferences). Global Kids is available for sign ups on those days, pending availability.

Friday, October 11 is also the first Community Service Day of the Year. Sign up Here to participate at the Children’s Book Bank. For ages 6 and up, with adult chaperone(s).

NEW! Notes from The Education Leadership Team

Dear TIS Community,

This year, the members of the Educational Leadership Team (ELT) will be authoring a series of weekly articles for The Owl from the different perspectives represented by the team.  These articles will include information on new initiatives, teaching methodology, social-emotional support for students and more.  

In this first installment, I want to take a moment to introduce the members of the ELT.  The team consists of Maria Abad, Head of Early Childhood; Bodo Heiliger, Head of Elementary; Kelly Rogers, Primary Years Programme Coordinator; TimiSue Abbott, Student Support Services Coordinator; and me, the Head of School.  The ELT meets weekly to discuss all aspects of the academic program including upcoming events, professional development opportunities, support for grade levels for teachers, as well as individual student needs.

Each ELT member will take turns writing about a topic within an area of their expertise or responsibility.  To give you a few examples: 

  • Bodo will provide updates on progress in the area of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.  

  • Maria will offer insight into play-based learning.  

  • Kelly will give updates in regards to the program and all things PYP.  

  • TimiSue will tell us about the social emotional supports that are available for student support and how they work.  

  • For my part, I will provide a look at the operating framework from an administrative point of view, such as how ELT  interacts with the Senior Management Team (SMT) to promote continued progress throughout the school. 

We hope these articles provide you with a better understanding of all the exciting things that are happening at TIS with the singular focus of creating the best inquiry immersion learning experience possible.

– Robert Woods, Head of School

TIS Directories!

The new 2019-20 TIS Directories are coming this week! Your child’s homeroom teacher will give them to you at dismissal or put them in your child’s backpack to bring home this week.

Parent-Teacher Conference Sign Ups

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on October 18 and the afternoon of Oct 22nd. As with last year, we are having conferences BEFORE report cards are released. 

1. Go to http://ptcfast.com/schools/The_International_School 

2. Check off the names of all the teachers that you want conferences with for all your TIS students. 

3. Tell the system that these conferences are for different students – next screen will ask which conference is for which child.

4. The system will send a link to your e-mail. Check your email, click on the link.

5. The system will give you side-by-side availability for all the teachers you selected – just click the conferences that you want! 

6. Then it will send you a confirmation for all the conferences you signed up for.

These conferences are for Homeroom and English. Art, Music, and PE Fall conferences are invite-only at first, but will be opened up to public sign ups in a week or so.

Please contact Candy Trujillo at candyt@intlschool.org if you have any questions or problems.

1st – 5th Grades Collaborative Coffee

The Oct 9  Head of Elementary Coffee is now a Collaborative Coffee! Come chat and collaborate with Bodos AND our English Department teachers! They will discuss pertinent issues, as well as answer questions.

Want to help guide the discussion? Please provide your feedback here!

Photo Retake Day

Picture Retake day will be Wednesday, October 16th 

  • If you want to retake school pictures, please email Candy Trujillo at candyt@intlschool.org. She will schedule a time for your child that day.
  • If your child was absent on picture day, please contact Candy so that your child’s name will be placed on the retake list. This is so that all kids will have their picture with their class in the composite.
  • Parents may drop by Candy’s (at Hilltop) or Nurys’s desk (at Stearns) and look at their child’s photo by Friday, October 11 before deciding on retakes.
  • If you need a picture retake form, please see Candy at Hilltop.
  • Class composite photos will be available after retake day and then given to families.

Volunteer at TIS!

Hello ! A warm welcome to new families and a welcome back to returning families! 

If you are interested in learning about the many volunteer opportunities both on and off-campus, please start by submitting a volunteer application in the “How to Volunteer” section here: www.intlschool.org/volunteer.  You can absolutely use the same password for the TIS parent Portal- we want to make this as easy for you as possible! I will be in touch with you to go over opportunities, and if you’ve already submitted the application, THANK YOU and know that you’ll be hearing from me soon!  

Any time you can give is appreciated; we’d like to make sure your matched with opportunities that work for you! Time you’ve spent at meetings (ie Curriculum night, Parent Network) can be counted, please log those hours in!  

TIP: Hours can be logged in “groups”, and don’t need to be logged in after every volunteer activity. For example, if you volunteered at the library for 4 -1 hour increments in September, you can log the 4 hours in under one date. 


Logging in once a month to input your hours won’t take much time and is immensely helpful for us to do two things:

  1. recognize individuals as well 

  2. Assists with possible grant funding

 If any help is needed to walk through steps or to answer questions, I’m happy to help! 

Hope to see you at the Parent Network Monthly Meeting this Thursday Thursday, October 4 at 8:15am in the Arthur Administration Building (up the street from the Main Campus).  You can also email me at: Janice.c.chow@gmail.com I look forward to connecting with you.

– Janice Chow Ng, Parent Network Volunteer Coordinator

Parent Volunteers assist with the TIS craft table at the Lan Su Garden Autumn Moon Festival, September 2019

Immunization Rates

As part of the immunization reporting process we are mandated to publicly share our school rates. The International School’s average vaccination rates remain very high, at approximately 98%.  This is significantly higher than the county average of 92%.



Upcoming Events


TIS Parent Network Monthly Meeting. All parents are invited to attend the monthly meeting of the TIS Parent Network Steering Committee.Arthur Administration Building (up the street from the Main Campus), 8:15-9:30am



TIS Spirit Day. We invite all community members to show off our school spirit. Wear your TIS field trip shirt or other gear!



Keepin’ it Clean Campus Walk – 4th and 5th Grades. Join fellow TIS parents as we walk the perimeter of the school picking up trash, removing graffiti, cutting back invasive plants.  Trash bags, pickers, gloves, graffiti removal supplies provided. Optional, Adults only. Meet at 8:15 am near the front gates at the Hilltop Building.  Be sure to record your volunteer hours!



Elementary Collaborative Coffee, Grades 1-5  Come chat with Head of Elementary Bodo Heiliger and our English Teachers! They will discuss pertinent issues, as well as answer questions.  8:10-9:00am,  Learners’ Hall.



Statewide Inservice Day – NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS. Global Kids is might have availability.

TIS Community Service Day. You are invited to join us for our first 2019-2020 TIS Community Service Day!  We will be working at the Children’s Book Bank, whose mission is to fill children’s homes and lives with beautiful, engaging books.    Please RSVP here to confirm your attendance.  Students must be at least 6 years of age and chaperones must stay with their student(s).  This is not a drop off activity. 9:30-11:30 AM

PSU Center for Japanese Studies

The PSU Center for Japanese Studies presents Professor Haruo Shirane of Columbia University:

“Portland State of Mind: Demons and Vengeful Ghosts in Japanese Culture”

Thursday, October 10, 2019 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Smith Memorial Student Union (SMSU), room 296/8, 1825 SW Broadway

Free and open to the public with registration. Register here.

Contact: Melinda Glover, melindag@pdx.edu, 503-725-8577

Please join us for a lecture that explores the prominent role that demons and ghosts have had in Japanese literature, theater, and visual culture. Particular attention is paid to the different social functions and causes for their appearance, depending on period, genre, and community. Ghosts and demons were a means of manifesting issues of social injustice, especially for women and downtrodden groups.