Early Childhood Education: 3 – 5 year-olds

Early Childhood Education is a unique experience at TIS. Our teachers are native speakers of our immersion languages. All have bachelor’s degrees and many years of experience in early childhood education.  Children get the attention they deserve in small classes, and are surrounded by warm, encouraging staff who help them thrive as individuals and work together to succeed.

Full language immersion

From the first day children walk into class, the immersion language is all around them. Children are welcomed by a teacher with native-level fluency, and learn through full language immersion. Through the immersion process, preschool and kindergarten children acquire a second language by listening and gradually trying out new words and phrases.

TIS students spend at least 80% of their day immersed in the language, in comparison to 50% or less at most other immersion programs. As a result, our students achieve a higher level of fluency upon leaving 5th grade. Our students also get daily instruction in English language arts starting in 1st grade.

International Baccalaureate

Our students learn through the International Baccalaureate (IB), which is rooted in student-led inquiry. In an IB class, children come up with questions and then work collaboratively to answer those questions about the unit’s topic. They research, experiment, and problem solve their way through age-appropriate activities set up by the teacher.

Using these methods, IB education promotes strategic thinking skills and hands-on engagement, rather than memorization and passive learning. The inquiry-based lessons are set up in a spiraling curriculum, where concepts are discovered and built upon throughout a student’s elementary years.

Art, Music, PE

Art, Music and PE are critical parts of our curriculum. They are taught by experienced teachers who are specialists in their fields. Lessons in Art, Music and PE reinforce the IB central ideas being learned throughout the rest of the school day. Specialists teach Early Childhood classes once per week, using fun, valuable lessons with concepts such as teamwork, fine motor skills and rhythm.


Our young students also learn through our four-language Library Media Center. Our Librarian and parent volunteers reinforce IB units of inquiry through hands-on lessons, books in their target language, and school-wide projects that connect them to each other and to the world around them.

Click here for a look at a typical day for our Early Childhood students.

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