Auction Preview

See below for Gala Signup Party opportunities, class art pieces up for bid, and other donation opportunities.  Thank you for your continued support!

Auction Gala Signup Parties

A few groups of TIS community members – including parents and teachers – agree each year to host a variety of different parties known as Auction Gala Signup Parties.  You simply sign up for the party (or parties!) that interest you, and pay per person. EVERY dollar from party reservations goes directly to benefit the students and teachers at TIS, thanks to our generous hosts and hostesses!  Hurry though – reservation sales began at the Gala on February 3rd and each party has limited reservations.

Sign up at:

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Roberts at or 503-226-2596.

Special Appeal

The International School’s 2018 Auction Gala Special Appeal (paddle raise) raised over $123,000 to provide materials and resources that will directly impact our students.  We will enhance our classrooms and campus to better embrace the IB/PYP philosophy and create warm, collaborative and nurturing spaces reflective of how much our teachers value the culture of learning and academic excellence. 

Teaching spaces should be fun and engaging! With funding for furniture, materials, books, mural supplies and teacher trainings, we can unleash the rich, untapped potential of our learning environments.  We will give our teachers more tools to suit the needs of our learners, allowing them the creativity they inherently have to reflect how they want their students to learn.

Our teachers are amazing people who have done wonders with the space and materials afforded to them; now it’s time to give them more to work with!

Classroom Libraries
Campus Beautification
Classroom Enhancement and Modernization