Thank you for a great 2017 Run For the Arts!

At The International School we are proud to offer comprehensive Art an Music programs to all students.  Every year, in collaboration with the non-profit organization Young Audiences, we host Run for the Arts: a jog-a-thon that raises funds for our Art and Music programs. The entire budget for our Art and Music programs is developed as a result of this event. Our Run For the Arts program is organized by parent volunteers, and all contributions to Run For the Arts are tax-deductible.

Collecting pledges: Our kids ran their hearts out during the 2017 Run For the Arts.  Now it's time to collect those pledges and turn them in by May 5!  Pledge forms were sent home prior to the race; if you still haven't received your form, please check your child's class folder or cubbie.  Extra forms are also available at the front desk of Stearns Hall.

Don't forget that pledges can be submitted online this year! Young Audiences now has online donation capabilities for Run For the Arts pledges. You can register your student runner for online donations at

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Olivares at or 503-226-2496 x116.

How does Run For the Arts Work?

Students receive written pledges - an amount of money per lap run - and then run laps on a designated "track" for a 20-minutes period on the day of the event.  The number of laps they run are recorded by our parent volunteers, then the tally is sent home for students to collect their total pledge amount. 

For example, Grandma pledged to Mary that she would donated $2 per lap that Mary runs during the event.  Mary was able to complete 25 laps during her run time, therefore she will collect a $50 donation from Grandma to support the Art and Music programs! Flat donations to the RFA program are also welcome.

Important information to know about the 2017 Run For the Arts:

  • Sponsor sheets will be distributed to students the week of April 3, 2017.
  • Your Sponsor Sheet and collected pledges is due by Friday, April 28 to your teacher or any receptionist.
  • While the sponsor sheet says that it needs to be returned to school on the day of the run, TIS will NOT be collecting Sponsor Sheets on run day.  A separate sheet will be sent home with the number of laps your child completed in order for you to collect pledges.
  • Please be sure that your child asks for sponsorship only from people with whom they are familiar; students are not permitted to sponsor another student. 
  • If possible, please consolidate payment from all of your child's sponsors into one check.  This expedites the process in returning funds back to our Art and Music programs.  Please make all checks payable to Run For the Arts or Young Audiences.
  • If you would like to contribute and don't have a runner to sponsor, please just make your check out to Run for the Arts and send it into the school office at 025 SW Sherman Street, Portland, OR 97201.
  • Volunteer! Run For the Arts is almost entirely run by parent volunteers. Contact to volunteer.
  • Need an extra pledge form? Click here.

Click here to see more about what Run For the Arts provides each year for our students.

For more information about Run for the Arts at The International School, please contact Holly Levow, RFA Coordinator and Parent Volunteer at, or Lisa Olivares, Alumni and Community Engagement Manager at or 503-226-2496 x116.