Providing an After School Class or Tutoring at TIS

Applications for Winter/Spring 2017 Classes (Deadline is December 23!!!): 


The International School is pleased to work with approved vendors (including TIS employees) to provide after school activities for TIS students. If you are interested in providing an after school activity please see the requirements and instructions below. This entire process applies to EVERYONE.

We are asking that you commit to a full year of classes or tutoring sessions (you may divide your class up to trimester, and cancel due to low enrollment up to 2 days before the first day of your classes).  When filling out your application please fill out dates for the entire year and each trimester of your class.

CLICK HERE for a list of days that the school will be closed, no student days along with a few days that are not available for after school programs-please plan your classes accordingly.

What is required to become an after school provider (including tutoring)?

  1. Complete the application process. WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS AT THIS TIME. 

  2. Email the following items to

    1. A copy of your Certificate of Liability. Independent Liability Insurance can be purchased through WSC Insurance, the broker for TIS, or through your own insurance company. Policies must have a $1 million dollar each occurrence limit. (Click here for a sample - consider sending this to your insurance provider as a sample of what you need from them.)

    2. Evidence of a background check for all instructors who will be working in the after school activity. This can be done through Oregon Department of Education (Current TIS employees do not need to submit a background check)

  3. Pay rent for the space you are using at TIS to conduct the after school activity. Rental rates are:

    • $10.00 per classroom, per day

    • Gym (not available, except for SquareGator Inc.)

    • No facilities are available for use after 5:30pm on weekdays, scheduled Breaks (Winter, Spring, Summer), on holidays, weekends and listed no after school classes days on TIS public calendar.

    • Caruthers Field is not available.
    • Rent is due and payable on the 15th day of the month after facilities use.  Invoices will not be sent. It is the renter’s responsibility to submit payment along with a record of hours and days of facilities use. Failure to pay rent on a timely basis may result in immediate termination of property use.

  4. Provide the TIS front office with a complete roster of students EVERY DAY of class. One of these forms MUST be used (take your pick): half page (MS Word or pdf, or full page (MS Word or pdf).
    • Pick up students no later than 3:30pm.
    • Follow all requirements on the After School Activities Agreement. (Agreements will be e-mailed once you submit the on-line application and submit a copy of your Certificate of Liability insurance and your background check.

How do I apply?

  • Complete the online application. WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS AT THIS TIME.

  • Once you submit the online application an email will be sent to the email address you listed with the After School Activities Agreement attached.

    • Print the After School Activities Agreement, sign it, then scan and email the Agreement, a copy of your Liability Insurance Policy and Copies of any background check(s) to

    • ***(Current TIS employees do not need to submit a background check)***

What Happens After I email in the After School Activities / Tutoring Agreement?

  • After you email the After School Activities Agreement to along with the required documentation, your application will be reviewed. If approved, we will contact you with a room assignment. DO NOT advertise your activity to families until you receive that approval.

  • Approval is not guaranteed and will be based on a number of factors, including but not limited to available classroom space and the type of activity offered. Class approval is valid for for a maximum of one school year and may be revoked by the school at any time for reasonable cause.
  • Once your class is approved, it will automatically be listed on the school web site after school class list.