Paying Tuition

The International School, in partnership with FACTS Management Company, offers an expanded online tuition payment tool.

FACTS can accept and process online payment for all of TIS’s payment options – Full Pay, 60/40, or Monthly (please refer to your tuition contract for further details of these plans or visit here). And, families will now be able to enroll online for their chosen payment plan, without having to wait for special mailers or deal with completing and returning paper applications. Families will also be able to set up payment via credit card*. In fact, the new FACTS portal will be the ONLY method available for families who choose to pay by credit or debit card.

In addition, FACTS does not charge any application fee for the Full Pay (single payment) option. FACTS will only charge a one-time fee of $10 for the 60/40 option, and $45 for the Monthly option. A fee of 2.85% of transaction value will apply for any credit card payments.

Special Note regarding the Monthly Plan: Families who choose the Monthly Plan payment option are REQUIRED to enroll and submit payment via FACTS, since TIS does not manage monthly payment plans in-house.

Families that are currently enrolled in Monthly Plan through FACTS for the 2018-19 term will continue to be automatically rolled over under Monthly Plan for the 2019-20 term, and SHOULD NOT enroll via this new portal unless they are changing to another payment plan (Full pay or 60/40). Any changes in a current family’s FACTS profile (ACH-to-Invoice, changes in day of month, address, etc.) should be communicated to the Business Manager no later than July 1, 2018.

Click here for the FACTS web site – to enroll or to manage your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. In the past, I have been paying the school directly under the Full Pay or 60/40 plans. Can I continue to do that?

Absolutely. Enrolling via the FACTS tuition payment portal remains optional for those payment plans. The convenience of using FACTS includes the ability to pay by credit or debit card and the ability to schedule payment and not have to remind yourself later, running the risk of missing the various deadlines tied to the various Payment Plans.

Q2. If I enroll through the FACTS payment portal for the Full Pay option, how much will FACTS charge?

Zero. The single-payment enrollment for the Full Pay Plan is free (not including a 2.85% convenience fee charged for credit card payments).

Q3. The 60/40 Plan involves two payments – one due July 31 and one due January 1. How much would FACTS charge for that?


Q4. I currently pay through FACTS via the Monthly payment plan. What has changed for me?

More payment days within the month for you to choose from: either the 5th, 15th or 20th day of the month (starting in August and ending in May). These payment day options are valid for both the Automatic Payment and Invoice options! Also, there is just one flat one-time fee of $45/family, regardless of whether you choose the Automatic Payment or Invoice options.

Q5. I have two children enrolled, and wish to choose 60/40 for one child and Monthly for another child. Can I enroll both in the FACTS portal, and how much will that cost?

Although you will need to enroll each child individually (i.e. two accounts versus one family account), and assign each to their own payment option, the FACTS fee is capped at $45/family.

Q6. Any other fees involved?

Late payments will be charged $20.00 per missed payment. Returned payments will be charged a $30.00 fee. The optional Peace of Mind (POM) insurance coverage is also available for $17.00 per school year.

Q7. If I want to pay by credit card, what are my options?

TIS does not accept credit card payments directly for tuition. The only way to pay by credit card is by enrolling via FACTS. You have the ability to pay all or just some of your tuition by credit card simply by accessing your FACTS account online and changing your method of payment. A 2.85% convenience fee applies to all credit card transactions. For further information on credit card payment options, please contact FACTS directly at 866-441-4637.

Q8. What credit cards are accepted?

Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Visa.

Q9. I have submitted my tuition contract, and chosen my payment option. I have also updated my family profile through TIS and signed an enrollment agreement. Do I need to do something extra for arranging my tuition payment?

Very good question, because as much as we try to reduce the documentation we require of our families, we still need certain things every year. If you want to pay your Full Pay, 60/40, or Monthly tuition, you have the option of enrolling via the FACTS link below, or you can simply pay the school directly, in accordance with the payment deadlines noted on your tuition contract and invoice. If you choose to pay through the Monthly payment plan, and are not a current FACTS Monthly Plan enrollee, you are required to enroll via the FACTS link below.

Q10. I have entered information in the FACTS payment portal, but it never asks me for a tuition amount. Why is that?

The School applies the tuition amount to your account once it has been notified by FACTS that you have enrolled. You can reference your tuition amount via your tuition contract and invoice, or by contacting the TIS Business Manager. You will also be notified once your account is activated, so that you can see what you will be charged. The earlier you enroll, the more time there is to clarify amount owed and to make adjustments as necessary based on financial aid awards, sibling additions, enrollment changes, etc.

Q11. Is there a difference between the enrollment date and the pay date?

Yes, an important difference. When you apply online, it will show a “Last day to Enroll” which means that this is the last day you can enroll in order for the payment to be processed by the date noted under “Available Payment Days” July 31st for Full Pay Plan for the first payment of the 60/40 Plan. Because of the time needed to set the various payment options up, there is always going to be a 2-4 week gap between enrollment and processing of payment. So, enroll early! Otherwise, particularly with regard to the Monthly plan, you could end up owing a higher monthly amount, due to the shrinking of the standard August-through-May 10-month payment calendar into consolidation over nine months, eight months, etc. It could even impact your child’s ability to start on time.