March 14, 2019

Capstone 2019: Student Voices III


I love this trip so far, I have had a lot of fun. The family I am staying with is very accepting, exiting and entertaining. We have gone to the beach and played in their pool. I am with a girl, Diana, and she and I are a lot alike. We have the same favorite food, and she is only 4 days older than me. I have not liked the Mexican food that much but I have found out I really like eggs! Escuela Modelo is better than I expected it to be, but if this was a real school I had to go to every day, I say NO! I mean everybody is nice and I made 6 friends there but I feel like I would rather not wear a uniform. I love the school and this family, and I feel bad for having to leave tomorrow and hope I can stay in contact with Diana. May I add they also have a ADORABLE poodle named Many… I think, I don’t know, he seems like a poodle? – Olive


This has trip has been amazing so far.  Everyone here is so nice. I love staying with my host family and their crazy two month old Labrador named Kira. I have loved learning about how amazing and important bees are I always knew they were important but I never really knew all that well why.  I love learning about the Mayan culture and how important bees were to them. I had been a little scared to go to a new school, new home and new country but everyone is so welcoming. The only thing I can think of that I don’t like is the heat. I am so grateful for this experience I just wish I had another week with my host family. – Sylvia


So far I have had a extraordinary experience with my host family. I was very nervous to go to a different school but it wasn’t that bad. Everyone in the school were helpful and nice people. While staying with my host family I learned to be responsible, independent, very respectful and other traits of  a good citizen of the world. The only thing I wasn’t really enjoying was the warm wether in Merida, it gave me headaches but I still had a great time. I loved trading different foods and learning about this other great culture. This experience changed my life, I am so grateful for it. – Estela