March 13, 2019

Capstone 2019: Student Voices II

Since going to Escuela Modelo I have learned a lot. This is the sixth week of studying the history of Mexico and this week we are studying about bees. Monday we went on a field trip to the Archivo General were we saw old documents and learned the process from receiving  them to storing and repairing them. Over the course of this week we have listened to 5 talks about bees.  See you later! – Adrian


So far I have really enjoyed staying in Mexico. The kids at Escuela Modelo are all really nice. This week I learned a lot about bees. Before this week I never knew the importance they had to our environment. I was a little nervous during the first couple days with the host family but I later started to feel more comfortable, and I started to really have a good time. Overall it’s been an amazing experience and I hope to come back to Mexico someday. Until next time! – Bitsy


My first morning in Mexico, My father and I got up early to walk to Escuela Modelo, and buy uniforms. We walked with my teacher and a few other parents and kids, stopping every few blocks for someone to get pesos from an ATM. Merida was a beautiful city, and I wished that I had five more eyes to see everything. Finally , we arrived at the school. The group met up with other parents and children who had gone ahead, and entered the airy, coral-colored hall. Soon, we found a little stand built in to the wall. While my father requested my uniform and paid, I looked around the large area visible from the big hallway. Even though it was the middle of the school day and most people were still in class, a few high school students were walking around outside, maybe on their way to the bathroom, or a different building. I stared at them with fascination, their uniforms not nearly the same as the ones we were buying. When we finally left, I realized how HOT it was in Mexico. Since we had a bus ride in 20 minutes, most parents were calling taxis and Uber’s to get back to the hotel. However, my father and I, along with a few a few other parents, decided to walk. Even though we went faster than we did before, we still had to rush a bit, and by the time we got to the hotel, I was very hot. We walked a bit to a convenience store, where we bought a lot of water and a Sprite. Then, we packed a bag, changed, and hurriedly got on the bus. But that is a story for  another day. – Elissa