March 20, 2019

Capstone 2019: Celestún

Samuel: Today was a very fun day. We started the morning with breakfast at 7:00. At 9:00, we got on the bus to drive to a small park. There, many motorcycles were ready to pick us up and drive us through the small town streets. We were soon picked up by the bus again bringing us to Celestún where we could swim in cenotes. It was fun but we did not have much time to swim. When we left, we drove to a restaurant where I got a fillet of fish. Later, we swam in the ocean and I found Lucy’s mom’s sunglasses and she was very thankful. We are now on the bus, driving back to our hotel.

Michelle: Today was really fun, we went to Celestún  and there we went on a boat ride and the captain showed us termite hills and how important they are for nature. The boat was green and white and  there were four rows of seats. The boat ride was really fun because first we went slow and then we went really fast, the water was red because the trees in the area and those trees were called Mangroves.In the boat ride we saw a crocodile but a tiny one that was 10 years old and a long fish that kind of looks like a snake then we arrived to our destination Lake Michelle which is kind of curious because my name is Michelle, anyway we arrived to lake Michelle and we went to swim in a eye of water which is like a open Cenote. After that we went to the beach. We swam and we went to a restaurant, the food was really good and the water was really warm. I’m glad that we had this experience and I hope I can come back soon.