March 21, 2019

Capstone 2019: Augustin Franco Villanueva School Visit

Ben: Today we went to a public school called Augustine Franco Villanueva where we played bingo, won prizes and saw a few dances such as Jarana. We also played a game where we spinned a plastic bottle and we asked a question to whoever the cap was facing. If they got it right they won a prize. Then we ate at a buffet and I had tacos. We played for a bit and then returned to the hotel.

Olivia: Today we went to a public school called Augustin Franco Villanueva. There I made friends and played games. Once we got there we watched some presentations made by the kids at the school. After that we split into three groups. Each group went into a fifth grade class. While we were in the classes we played Loteria. Loteria is basically Bingo but with images. Later we had recess/lunch. After that we watched a dance called jarana. The dancers balanced bottles on their heads until all of the bottles dropped except for one. Once the dance was over we exchanged gifts. We got on the bus to go get lunch.

Zan: Today we went to a public school for the day. To start the day off we had some pastries for breakfast. Then we played a game named bingo in class. At recess we played a game named marbles, and then danced with a dancer from Mexico. Then we traded some gifts and to end the day.