March 16, 2018

Capstone 2018: Student Reflections Part 4

“On Sunday we went to visit a a friend of my host family. I had fun playing with Juan. The host family’s friend gave me and Juan free soda. Later we went to the woods and I played with Juan some more. On Monday we went to school. It wasn’t what I thought it would be but it was pretty cool and we wore blue pants.  On Tuesday we went to school with blue shorts as well as the rest of the days. I was happy to have the school days feel very short. Thursday was sports day and was pretty fun, I liked it. Generally it is very hot in Mexico, but am very surprised that it’s pretty cold sometimes.” – Grayson

“In Mexico it was very fun but there are some days in particular that I really liked. I think my favorite was the third day in Mexico and the first with my host family. We went out for a tour of some flamingos. It was a very long boatride and a very bumpy ride. My host brother Alejandro felt kind of sick on the ride, but I thought it was fun when we saw the flamingos and the went to a cenote. After we went back we got fish at a restaurant after all that we went home and went sleep early. -Kellan
“When I was on the airplane I was a little nervous because it’s a new country for me that I never have visited.  The first night I got very nervous and had to sleep at the hotel but every day I would see my host brother. I never sleeper with my host brother put I would see him at school and he would take me to his house. For example I went to a English class two days this week and I went to his soccer practice. At his house we played an hour of Xbox and  games for example for tonight, just course 3 y Fifa 18. He has a very big house and they have a pool but we never swam in it because it was to cold. I think this capstone trip is a big experience to learn some about their culture.  These passed days I have felt comfortable at their house and I think my host family is very friendly. I do not want to leave Mexico because I want to stay with them longer. I heard that they really want to visit Portland and learn what’s it’s like in Portland Oregon.” – Ulises
“On Saturday, after lunch we went home and organized my stuff. At first, I was nervous. But after the first night I was not nervous. We played video games with Norbert’s play station 4 until we went to bed. The next day, we went to a cenote. The cenote was really fun! Then, we went home and played a board game called risk. On Sunday, we went to the park that was near by. I tripped and fell on the ground. Then we went home and I was fine. On the second day, I noticed that they had a pool so we went in it. The pool was in the backyard, but it was small witch was fine. Then I took a shower. Then we watched La pantera rosa which is a cartoon that we watch during lunch at our school. Then on Monday we went to school at Escuela Modelo. The first day that I went to school, I met a friend named Hector. He was very nice to me. We always liked each other. On Tuesday, I went to school and I saw Hector and after school we went home and played video games.”  -Liam S.
“Today we went to the Loltun Caves, and then we had lunch and went to Uxmal. At the Loltun Caves, they had big colored lights that illuminated all the stalagmites and stalactites in the caves. I think the coolest part was at the end, where there we to big holes that let in a lot of sunlight and looked like paradise. Uxmal was really cool, a whole ancient city dedicated to the Mayan gods, mostly to Chaac the Mayan rain god and the Mayan agriculture god, which we learned was rattlesnake.” – Neve
Today we started our tours with the Loltun Caves, it was very interesting and had a lot of history to it. Everything in the cave had it’s own shape and form all formed throughout the events in our history. After that we went to Uxmal, as we have been learning in Escuela Modelo about Chaak the rain god, we saw the Mayan versions of him alot on the temples. I loved the temples and had a lot of fun, even though it was really hot.” – Harper
“For the end of the week, it ends on the best note. Today, Thursday, we have our last day in Capstone, during wich we went to a public school, that wasn’t poor, but had less recourses than us. For that reason, we all bought school supplies, and sport supplies to donate to the students, teachers, and school. Now, although all the other days have been cool, and really amazing, this simple trip has probably been the best one. For us, as we all know at the International School, most things we can get easily, and we take forgranted. As we all know, we are incredibly lucky to have as much as we do, so I think it was a great experience to come to this school. In fact, again, as my mom pointed out to me, it probably would have been a more, well different, experience if we went with host families there, because we’d be able to understand and adapt to different situations, kinds of  places, and people. Not to say anything against Escuela Modelo, because it is an exceptionally amazing, and beautiful school, but it has the same resources and situations as we do. So, what would what happen if we went to both of these schools, and stayed at each for half a week? Yes, I know that this will probably never happen, but just imagine: we woul learn do much from both schools, as well as learning that we can learn so much in so many different places, and learning more about different people. In conclusion, I loved this experience to talk and build relationships with kids just like us, even though kids that live in different conditions. This whole trip has taught me what happiness really means, and that it doesn’t take special, expensive things to make you happy. And the end of the day, were all kids, and we all have fun together, even without fancy,expensive toys.” – Ruth