March 16, 2018

Capstone 2018: Student Reflections Part 3

“My experiences in Merida and in Escuela Modelo are really good because I feel really safe in the school. All of the teachers and stundents are really nice and it seems like they are happy to have me in their city, school, and home.” -Bridger

“We arrived in Mexico at 8:00 at night. I was very exited to be in Mexico. We went to Corchito.  After, we went to Puerto Progreso. The next day, we met our host families. Everyone is very nice. I learned a lot of things I did not know before. My host sister’s activities after school were playing an instrument and “Danza Aeria”. My experiences in Mexico we’re very fun and I am exited to see all the places we will go.” -Maia
“This first week has been very fun , I loved going swimming at Puerto progreso and corchito. And Escuela Modelo is very fun. All the kids and teachers are really nice to us. And this week they are learning about sacred water they even did a play! I am very excited to travel around Merida and swim.” – Riley
“Over the course of this week I have had alot of fun living with my host family in Mexico. Every day we do something new like on Sunday we lit a fire and made sausages, on Monday we went to a place where they had a special kind of meat called pastor. On Tuesday I went to the cenotes. We went to 3 but the second was my favorite. On Wednesday my host brother had to go to tae kwon do class so I went to get ice cream and my favorite day was Thursc day where I ate a 3 foot long burrito al pastor. Over all I thought this week is the best week I have ever had. Over and out.” -Bradley
“Here at Mexico, I’ve had many great experiences, starting the day we got here! We arrived at Mexico at around 8:00, and got onto the bus with our tour guides, Sammy and Raul. When we got to the hotel, we were overjoyed to see our teachers, and surprisingly, Robert Woods, who all greeted us warmly. We settled into our room, and then, while some people went to sleep, me and Maia’s family went down and walked around the city. Where our hotel is situated, the center of Merida, which here we call “El Centro”, is so incredibly beautiful I couldn’t believe my eyes. We went to get a bite to eat and find an ATM to exchange dollars for pesos. The city is bustling with activity, and everywhere you look there are bright colors, cheerful sounds, and lots of historic architecture. It felt surreal to walk around this beautiful city during the first day, especially since it is my first time out of the country.
Also in Merida, we’ve gone to the cathedral, where there was a light show displayed onto it, and to the plaza, attending an epic mayan ballgame. I’ve (really we’ve) been welcomed warmly into my host family’s home and gone to fun places with them like Parque Aleman, an ice skating rink, el biciruta (bicycle rute), Extreme Jumping, and Cisal. Although I have missed my parents, I’ve so much fun with them and hope to have much more with my classmates, teachers, parent, and of course, my host family. ” -cRuth Siviglia
“Mexico is beautiful and it has a lot of animals and its culture is nice. The school is very cool but with very strict rules but a lot of people. It’s a lot like THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. my host family is really cool and nice and they have a lot of fun stuff. Tomorrow is our last day at escuela Modelo and its kinda sad because I like this place but I’m sure ill have fun on the tours. Bye!” –  Liam Dieffenbach