Capstone 2017: Student Reflections (Constanza's Class)

"Hello Mom and Dad i’m having a good time sitting on the side lines of my host brothers soccer games, he’s really good and thats why I can only watch. My host Dad and Mom are really nice and the Dads name is Francisco Romero also my host brother has the same name, the Mom is named Alejandra Herrera she owns two hair salons. Today i’m going to a carnaval called parque de Americas and my host brothers cousin Alex is also coming. I can’t wait until i see you both again, PS: tell Gus i said hi." - Your son Emmett

"This has been a exiting and different experience and I am having fun. It is different here, with a different culture and traditions, but we all fit in a way. One of my favorite parts is when we went go karting with my host family and I almost spun out. I think that this experience is fun and very important for us to understand how other people live and what they do. This has been a wonderful experience and I feel privileged to be one of the TIS students." - Jack A.

" My experience with my host family has been very fun. Their really nice and it’s fun to hang out with them. The day we met we got ice cream at DQ. After that we went home and I got a tour of the house and their backyard. Their backyard is HUGE!!!! They have 5 cats, 2 dogs and a turtle. On Monday, after school Becky skipped her swimming practice to go to the movie theater with us. After the movie we ate crepes for dinner. I’ve been really happy staying with my host family. This has been an adventure that I will never forget." - Sophie L.

"On my birthday we went to school and there was two surprises one was wen the teacher announced my birthday to the entire school and wen she pulled me out of class and the class sang happy birthday wen y came back in and when my host said he had to get something so we went and then he said he had forgotten something and wen we got to the class they sang happy birthday wait that was three things." - Grant.W.   

"My parents didn’t come with me. It’s only been 1 day with my host family but they’re already really welcoming. I try not to think about them, and it’s pretty easy cause I’m having so much fun! I have already been to 2 beaches (Puerto Progreso and Chelen), they are so pretty. I met some of Sarita’s (my host sister) friends and they were really nice. I think this is going to be a great experience for all of us from Portland, Oregon.  I think our Spanish is going to get a lot better, and it’s cool that we get to go to Mexico to socialize with people that are not from our country (United States) and that don’t speak our language." - Alma

"I haven’t ever stayed with a family in witch I didn’t know at least one person. It has been 2 days since I met my host family. They are very nice and they have done a lot for me. The first day, I went to their aunt’s birthday party and met a few of their family members. The second day, we went ice skating at the mall (although I wasn’t very good), after that we ate at Carl’s Jr. it was better than in Oregon. It fascinated me because Mariana (my host sister) told me that McDonalds is one of the fast food restaurants that has better quality, it surprised me because in USA McDonalds is one of the worst fast food restaurants. Today when I woke up it took me much less time to get ready because I didn’t need to pick out my clothes. The uniforms are annoying because in my opinion you can’t really express yourself. " - Stella

"Its a fun time with my family and we do a lot of fun things. I like the school too I like the classes that we take I love to be with my friends I love that there are fun things to do at the school and I like that Edgar my host shows me everything. I am learning a lot of new things about history of Yucatan Merida. And Its fun to be at a new school. I have not gotten home sick yet because of the amount of fun Im having with my host brother and my friends at school." - Will

"I think this is a great experience for everybody to be in a new school to learn their languages and make new friends! Also I think the host families are very nice and friendly to us and care about us a lot and we care about them. The school is very clean and organized and has very friendly people!" -Samuel

"I really like my host family and it’s a lot of fun to live with them. At the beginning, I was nervous and it was awkward talking with my host sister, but then my host sister and I found out that we had a lot of things in common, and now we’re good friends. I love learning more about the culture of Mexico and tasting all the traditional food of Mexico that I never even knew existed before."  Lyra

"This trip is really pushing mine and I’m sure most of my classmate’s limits. Living with a family I have never met was a very unique experience but it’s most likely that it will be one of the things that I will remember when I’m older. In the start I was so nervous that I didn’t talk or ask questions but after a while I found out that though they weren’t anything like I had expected they were nice and my host sister and I had a lot in common. Now were having so much fun and I’m really exited for more." - Shreya