Capstone 2017: Student Update

Update from TIS Student, Toby Knobbs:

My trip to Merida was (I think) the longest day of my life. It started with waking up at 3:00 am to go to the airport to take a flight to Texas, which is very early. We had a 5 hour delay in Texas, which gave some of us the time to get presents for the host family, and the kids (me included) were running around the airport doing kid games such as throwing a ball.  Finally, we were off to Merida, which was a short flight but fun! When I got to Merida I felt excited, and I told my mom “I can’t believe that our capstone has started!”

The next day we went out to fetch our uniforms from the school, Escuela Modelo. On the way to the school I noticed that there where weird white seats in the parks and Portland doesn’t have seats like that, which means that they have different ideas in their culture. When we arrived at the school, some of us met our hosts. Most of them were funny, such as my host Emiliano! I felt excited that I had someone so sporty and like me. Many of them like hot stuff and they shared their snacks. After we got our uniforms we were off to Puerto Progresso for a day at the beach! Overall my journey has been awesome!!