Capstone 2016, Day 8: More Student Perspectives

Hey International School,

This is Brooks on a bus going to Chichen Itza. Yesterday, we went to the Hacienda Sotuta De Peon. We went to a cenote and learned about the history of the Hacienda and about the process of making rope. It was an incredible place and we really interesting.

- Brooks

More Student Notes:

This trip is awesome! I love it! My host family was super nice and made me feel like I actually was part of their family. They always made sure that I was comfortable and happy. So I was never left out and never felt homesick. I felt just at home. It made me really sad when I had to leave. I would do this trip again any time. - Karuna

After the week I spent I spent with my host family, I thought nothing would compare. But I was proven wrong. The amazing things I saw and the things I am learning about Mayan culture is even better. All of the things I am experiencing on Capstone have been a privilege. Now, I know how the Mayans lived, their stories, and their religion and gods. I am very lucky to be experiencing all of this, and doing it with my best friends makes it even better. - Coco

Saying goodbye to my host family was very sad. The week that I spent with them was a once in a lifetime experience and I was sad to leave it. The touring days that we have done so far have been fun, hot, and educational. In the bus rides we have learned about Mayan legends; such as the legend of the dwarf. - Tabitha

Staying with my host family was one of the most the things amazing its things ever. My host family was the best thing that could happen to me. Its the best thing ever plus you now have friends and another caring family. I was learning from them, and they learned from me. When it was time to go, everyone was sad. - Davis