Capstone 2016, Day 7: Student Perspectives on Capstone


So far on my Capstone trip, I haven't missed my parents and I have only had fun. Mi host brother is awesome, and when my host mom offered to call my mom and I could talk to her I said no. Also Sebas has taught me new vocabulary words such as, chorizo. Also I have made new friends such as Romi and Max. Finally I wish I would never have to leave.


Staying with my host family is really fun, learned new vocabulary and more about Mexican culture. Capstone is an amazing experience and I love being in Mexico, even though some times I miss my parents. I’m meeting new people, new places and having lots of fun.    


Capstone is a once in lifetime opportunity, and I am so lucky to be able to experience it. My host family is so, so nice, and they feel like real family to me, and my host sister is awesome.  I’m learning new vocabulary, meeting new people, going to new places, eating new food in Mexico. I wish I could stay here forever. Mexican culture is so interesting, and I love learning new things. 


I have had a lot of fun on my Capstone trip so far. It has been amazing learning about Mexican food and culture, and the amazing buildings and statues all around Merida. I have tried foods I had never heard of, done things that I have never done, and seen things I would have never seen. I absolutely adore my host family, and the cool things they do. It was a adjustment waking up that early, I have to admit, but it became easier as the week went on. I got to know a ton of fun kids at the school, too. It really has been a pleasure spending my time here, and I hope that the day to return to Oregon never comes!


Capstone has been extremely fun. It has been a really good experience. I occasionally miss my parents but i know i will see them soon and that my host parents love me. In my opinion the best part is the food. I love the food that my host mom cooks for breakfast lunch and dinner. She is a lot like my real mom and I love her. Even though i am sad the first week of capstone has already passed I am excited to continue on to the second week!!!!!!!


This week has been a exciting and enjoyable week staying with my host family and going to school with my host sister. Learning about Mexican culture and traditions is fascinating and visiting places around Merida is super fun. I have learned a lot from Capstone and i cant wait fro next week when we go on tours, even though i am very sad to leave my host family. Capstone is an exciting adventure that i would go on again!


Staying with new people and going to other places is very fun. Mi host family is very kind and have learned a lot from this adventure and made new friends. A host family is like a long sleep over and i wish i could never go.  Even though you have homework capstone is a very amazing experience. 


Its my last day with my host family, and I’m feeling really sad. I missed my parents this week, but I was having so much fun I almost didn’t think about it. I have learned a lot this week, about Mexican culture and what it is like to be in Mexico, and I have loved everything. Living with my host family was really nice and a big adventure. I feel like I have met a lifelong friend this week. 


It’s already Friday, a week has passed since the start of my adventure in Mexico. I am leaving my host family today; the time has passed so quickly. This past week has been a very exiting, intriguing and beautiful experience for me.  Before I was staying with my host family I was I bit scared, but when I got there I could relax.  The host family was very nice to me and we did many activities together like going to the beach.  Discovering the differences and similarities between my daily life, traditions and culture and theirs has been very interesting.  Being at Escuela Modelo has also been a lovely experience.  The materials, style of learning, etc. are very different from ours.  Wearing uniforms has been a big part of the experience too.  It is an amazing example of how I have adapted to the new environment around me. I look forward to the next week and wish I could repeat this marvelous experience! 


This was the best week of my life. The minute I met my host sister I was so happy because I have been waiting for this moment my whole life. My first day of school was the best because I met a whole bunch of people and i got to see the school and meet the teachers. Everyone was nice to us new kids and made sheer we had a good day. Clases are different than the ones we have and everyone is a little bit crazy. I think I would enjoy it a little more if everyone was a little calmer. Even though it was a crazy experience it was the best time of my life. I wish I could stay another week at the school and with my host family. 


This was an awesome experience. I couldn't wait to meet my host family. I was surprised that they had a lot of land. They even had two eagles! I liked watching Carlos’s brother do his experiment. He cut open an Iguana to see what was inside. The school was fun even though it got really loud inside. The trip to see how the salt was extracted was interesting. The only bad part of the trip was that I fell on my arm during a basketball game and now my arm is in a sling. Overall it was a very fan week and I wish I could stay longer.


The idea of staying with a host family was amazing. I was wishing for March 5 for a long time. But when the 5th came a started to get really nervous. The first day with my host family we went on the “Biciruta”. The next morning we left to go swim in 3 cenotes. The drive was super long but the swimming was great. Before going to school I was very nervous I forgot something, but the first day went well and so did the rest of the week. Wednesday 9th we went to ACTRIX PARK and had a great time. So far this week ha been really amazing. 


This was one of the best experiences ever has. It was so awesome. My host brother was so nice and so as his family. We played a lot together and had a good time. He took me to this park that was cool because it had a maze, go carts, zip line, jungle jim,etc. I loved the school and it is so big. The kids in his class are so nice. I also made some friends, the friends I made were: Max, Diego, Sebas Mora,etc. I loved this trip. I would want to do it again any time. The host brother was awesome and we had lots of fun.