March 18, 2015: Student reflections on Capstone

Ellyse: One of my favorite memories of Capstone was when all of the TIS kids went to Escuela Modelo with their host sister/brother. For me it was really fun having this expierence and getting to know all of the students of the school. I also thought that it was fun to try out the tradicions of  a different school. One of my favorite things about Escuela Modelo was the uniform. It was kind of nice to not have to think or worry about what you’re going to wear the next day, all of your clothes would be ready. I also really enjoyed the classes that they had. I had fun doing mayan math, multiplications, roman numerals, science and so on. In conclusion, Escuela Modelo was an amazing expirience and I hope I can return soon.

Sam: My favorite part about capstone so far was spending  time with friends and family and making new friends and enlarging my family. On this Capstone trip I was able to expand my list of my friends and family, it made the best part of my Capsstonne trip but also the saddest as well. It was sad because as son as they were added to my list a week later I had to let go of them. Then I realized that I could stay in contact with them and may be one day they could visit Oregon and we csn do the same thing that they did with us. later in life I can one day visit them again.

Natalie: My two favorite parts of capstone were, giving out cuestionaires on the second day by the university across the street from our hotel and  meeting some new people. My other favorite part was giving my interview to someone I didn’t even know, I was a little  bit nervous, but it turned out  great. I think I have worked on exhibition this trip a lot and not just used this time for a vacation.