March 14, 2015: More Student Homestay Updates

James: The first day I was nervous but after my host brother Héctor showed me around I got used to everything very quickly. I loved to learn Mayan mathematics and the homework Is fun and easy. I love to help everybody to learn English. I think that besides the dress code that I’m not used to everything is great. The lunch, the kids, the teacher, the subjects and everything else.

Olivia: When I met my host family I was very nervous because I was going to stay with a family that I did not know. Now it’s like I’ve known them for a long time. Escuela Modelo has some fun classes, my favorite is English class because it’s so easy for me because my first language is English. Over all the school is pretty nice and lots of super nice kids.

Gemma: When I went to school on Monday, I was very nervous, because it was very different. But after the ceremony that formally welcomed us to Escuela Modelo, it became exciting.  When I went to my classroom, everyone was very welcoming to me. I  am really enjoying  school and I will be friends with my host sister for a long time.

Elora: On the first day I was happy and a little bit nervous but I was OK. At school it seemed like Libia, my host sister told all of her friends that I was coming because they were all really excited to meet me. My most favorite part of the day is lunch THE FOOD IS SO GOOD! The only thing that I don’t like is the uniform but other than that this school is great. The school is fun and the teachers help us learn in math class and in language arts.

Elijah: When I got to the school I was expecting a lot of yelling and angry teachers but there sweet and caring also the students were exited to see me and generously gave great food.

Bodhi: When we drove to the school I was expecting very strict and rough teachers who yelled every time you did something wrong but my teacher has been very sweet and my classmates have been kind and helpful. I like how the teachers here make it so if you can’t do the work or homework because of your personal life they fix it and make it so you can. It was hard in the computation class using Microsoft (Windows) computers because at our school we don’t use Microsoft (Windows) computers we use Apple (Mac) computers.

Rohan: Ok.  I was definitely expecting something else in this school.  I was surprised.  The teachers weren’t  as strict as I thought.  I still missed my mom on the weekend, but now at school I have plenty of friends in my class.  Everyday I have gone to the cafeteria with Gus to buy junk food, and then we share it.  I had trouble with computer class, because I’m not used to a Microsoft computer, I’m used to a Apple computer.

Henry: I was surprised what happened this year considering that the last year they said all the teachers were strict, but this year I have a really nice teacher, David. And the unifors are not bad. I learned lots of mayan math. Olso being able to buy stuff is new but people just buy junk food.The thing that was hard for me was using a Microsoft computer because im used to Apple.

Gus: When I got to the school I was very surprised to se a lot of people were very excited to see me. On last day of school 5th and 6th graders went on a field trip to Campeche .After the two hour and a half drive to Campeche  we boarded a pirate ship  we listened to the great stories of pirates navigating these waters .The ship was life like and very beautiful. And to the end we were very unhappy to see our host families go.