Greetings from the First Grade Art Teacher

Hello, parents! For those of you who are new to our community, welcome! This is Carolina Barros, your child's first grade Art teacher. This school year will mark my seventh at TIS. This is my third year teaching first grade, and I have been developing the curriculum to both complement what students have learned and to hone in on new concepts such as symmetry, texture, pattern, symbolism, etc. 2D and 3D skills will continue to be perfected and students will start to develop their own artistic mark.
  First grade is a crucial time for young artists: 6-7 year olds usually have an increasing awareness of themselves socially, which can sometimes place mental barriers when they start to compare their artistic abilities with those of other students. They also love to be recognized for their skills as individuals, allowing for art to be an outlet:  students will see they are not alone on their journey. Hopefully students will also realize, throughout art this year,  that:
* An artist's idea for a project sometimes changes, and it's OK
*A previously planned artwork can sometimes turn out different from its plan, or not work at all, and that is also OK
*Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses- everyone can contribute their strengths and work on their weaknesses as artists
*Every artist is different and makes unique art- Everyone can have a different mark/ idea/ way of thinking, so long as all sides can be respected

  This year will be filled with new discoveries in the principles of art and will include many projects that willspark creativity and expression while also acquiring new techniques in painting and sculpting.
  We're currently turning our bodies into maps, and have defined many symbols for ourselves. Through many mixed media techniques, we will be able to explain a little bit about ourselves and the important happenings in our lives. Jill Berry is the artist we are exploring currently, as she also turns parts of her body into maps and explores symbols for herself.

  I've attached theFirst Grade curriculum to this email in case you have not had a chance to read it. Looking forward to this year! As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or to share art thoughtsyour child has had outside of the classroom- I absolutely love to hear those!
See you around campus(es),