PreK Art News!

Hello! This is Carolina Barros, your child's Art teacher. I am delighted to meet my new little students and am already amazed at what they are creating during art class!
This will be my seventh year teaching at TIS, and I consider myself very lucky to do what I love for a living- teaching as well as making art.

I am a fierce believer that art and music are just as important a part of the curriculum as spelling and math:
Children exposed early to the arts have increased fine motor skills, are better problem-solvers and have a better understanding of critical thinking skills than children who were not exposed to the arts early on (
 The benefits are endless, and it all starts with understanding lines and shapes, two recurring elements which we will talk about constantly throughout this year.
Please feel free to contact me at any time during the year via email- I love to hearabout how the students are implementing what they learn in art class to their daily lives!
I'm also including here an attachment to our PreK art curriculum- I'm looking forward to seeing the amazing creativity and problem-solving skills the PreK classes will bring to the art table this year!
See you around the campus(es),