Early Childhood Music: Welcome to this school year!


My name is Kami Richards and I am so happy to be your child's music teacher.  It has been wonderful this week getting to see familiar faces and having the joy of meeting new ones. It is going to be an exciting year full of musical adventures and fun. I believe that each child is a natural musician full of talent that is just waiting for a chance to shine, whether through voice, instrument or rhythm support. All are equally important. My background is in Kodaly and Orff teaching pedagogy which means I will be using lots of dancing, singing, and games to teach musical elements. We will be exploring the world around us and the different ways we get to interact and support each other in our creative community.

In order to create a safe and engaging environment, I encourage parents to share with me a few details about your child's interests, strengths, struggles and medical information that might hinder their musical experience, this includes anything related to hearing, dancing and movement.