March 18, 2019

Capstone 2019: Student Voices

TIS parent Adriana Burrola interviewed Liam and Sofia on the train to Sapporo – 

What has been the most exciting experience of the sightseeing tour in Hokkaido?

Liam – “What I liked the most about the tour in Hokkaido was making origami with the origami sensei in Sapporo. I liked the challenge of transforming a regular piece of paper into something amazing. I also liked learning how to make an origami snowflake while I was on the train to Sapporo. My least favorite thing was going to the morning seafood market in Hakodate because I didn’t like the smell and I didn’t like seeing the fish ground up and just being dead laying out. However, I got to see and show my friends a 72.6 pound octopus.”

Sofia – “Capstone has been an amazing experience and a blessing for my life! My favorite part has been to meet the Tanaka family and to live at their home for a few days. I also enjoyed walking to school with Haley everyday. I loved school because I had a great teacher and because I was able to make wonderful friends. About the sightseeing tour in Hokkaido, I can say that there have been so many exciting moments. I enjoyed taking the train from Tokyo to Hakodate. The bullet train was really fast and it went under the ocean! Another exciting moment was when I met with my mom and dad at the hotel in Hakodate. I also liked it when we made our music box. It was really relaxing and fun. I chose yellow and blue sand, two tiny glass tulips, and a dog figurine to decorate my music box. I have also enjoyed eating all the yummy food, but my favorite was the matcha ice cream shaped like a rose. My least favorite thing was seeing the gokko fish at the morning market.”

Bullet Train from Tokyo to Hokkaido


72.6 Pound Octopus at the Fish Market!


Flower Petal Ice Cream


Goryoukaku Tower and Castle


Learning origami from experts!


The group with the Origami Sensei