March 8, 2019

Capstone 2019 has begun!

24 hrs and counting!

The kids are so excited and happy to be on their trip to Japan. Their faces say it all and they are looking forward to this amazing adventure. At the airport they waited patiently, talking, playing and smiling all the way.

At Seattle airport they got to see the group that was on a different flight! They were excited to see each other and talked about the trip on the first plane. Once we got to the second plane, a Boeing from ANA, the girls were amazed of the size and how different it was from the first plane. They discovered that the plane had individual tv’s and had games for entertainment. They thought they were in luxury!

When the plane left from Seattle, they knew it was going to be a long flight but didn’t fully understand the experience of traveling 10 hours, with the addition of the time difference from the US to Japan!

They could not stop talking and playing. They were also surprised by the size of the bathroom on the place! They didn’t rest, and once we arrived at the airport they were tired, but the excitement was just too much to handle.

At the airport, whilst we picked up our baggage and we were trying to figure out things, it turned out that a crew from a tv show was interviewing people and our girls got an interview! They got a moment of glory and fame as soon as they arrived in Japan.

More exciting things to come to these travelers and I am sure it will be a change in mind set for them all.