March 23, 2018

Capstone 2018: Tokyo

After a free day to explore Tokyo on their own, the students were back together with their teacher for the final day of the Capstone trip.
The first stop of the day was the urban oasis of Ueno Park. The students visited two of the park’s many museums, The Museum of Natural History and The National Science Museum, to search the interactive displays for information related to their Capstone research project theme of endangered species. They even became one of the Museum displays, posing as “Contemporary Humans”, with heads down over various electronic devices (don’t worry-it was only a pose. In real life, these kids are fully tuned in to the experiences around them).
Morning clouds disappeared during our time in the museums, and everyone enjoyed a sunny spring walk past newly blossoming cherry trees to catch the subway to Asakusa, the site of the Senso-ji temple and iconic Kaminarimon, the main gate to the temple grounds.  The students gamely dove into the crowds in the market stalls that line the road, making their way to the temple itself.
After spending time in the cool interior of the temple, it was back out into the sun for one last  Capstone experience. A few minutes walk led to the Sumida River, and a perfect view of Japan’s tallest structure, the Sky Tree. There were only a few other people walking along the river bank, and especially following the busy atmosphere around the temple, it was a quiet and relaxing place to stop and reflect on everything these amazing fifth graders have experienced and accomplished on this Capstone trip.
– Heidi, TIS Parent