March 21, 2018

Capstone 2018: City of Hakodate on Hokkaido

Taka Sensei gave a history lesson on the ending of the period of Japanese isolation. Commodore Perry came to newly opened port of Hakodate in 1854. Part of the lesson involved a tour of the western style fort structure of Goryokaku as best seen from a 300 foot tall overlooking observation tower.
Inside the fort was a traditional style governance building where the students learned about traditional by hand building methods and materials.  
The students were very attentive to the entire lesson which was capped off by famous Hakodate shio (salt broth) ramen for lunch.   
“This is a picture of Mount Hakodate ropeway. 
Good: You get a nice view of everything. Especially the lights. A fancy place. It was all worth it.
Bad: It was very cold and very crowded.
I am glad we went there.” – Midori