March 23, 2017

Capstone: Parents Reflection

Toward the end of the capstone trip, the kids seem more comfortable traveling and becoming more independent. For example, riding trains and shopping at souvenir shops are done easily by themselves now.

During a visit to the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo, there were so many visitors like us as it was a spring break week, but our kids were focused and stayed with Taka sensei. They listened carefully to his and the guide’s lectures related to their projects.  Sometimes they were spread out in the building but helped each other to stay as a group.

At this point we said goodbye to Kat – as she will fly back to the America’s and enjoy spring break with her family – safe travel – and thank you for your support!

For lunch we headed over to the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan – Tokyo’s venue for world renowned opera and ballet ensembles. While it is always difficult to find a place that can host a big group – we were seated and served promptly. After lunch we headed over to Asakusa this time with the subway – which the group also navigated flawlessly.

Asakusa brought us two of Tokyo’s big tourist attractions: the Hozomon gate and the Sensō-ji temple …as well as a view of the skytree (with 634 meters the highest tower in Japan, and the second highest structure in the world) and the Asahi golden nugget (also referred to as “golden unchi)”. We declined to be transported in a ricksha or rent a kimono but could not refuse to buy an ice cream in one of the many tourist oriented shops. After we learned how to rinse our hands ritually we bought a fortune…the Gods seemed to welcome TIS, as most of us received at least “regular fortune”. (Granted – there were some that received bad fortune too…).

After a walk to the Sumida river the Japanese Capstone 2017 was finalized.

Thank you TIS, thank you Taka sensei, thank you Kat, and thank you Yukako for all the hard work that went into this. The kids had a fabulous time!

– TIS parents, Etsuko & Johan Van der Hilst