Capstone 2016, Update #8

All of us safely back to the US and start focusing on upcoming Exhibition now.
I believe the experiences that they've had in Japan will be their life time treasure. I am so happy to be a part of this event with my great students. That makes me motivated to work for this school.
 - Takanori Fuji, Japanese Teacher


The home-stay was shorter than what I expected. But I learned how different American families and Japanese families are like, what type of food they eat, and their neighborhood rules.

At the school I learned the culture of Japanese students. In Japan they have school lunch. When you are in 5th grade you are allowed to use scroll saw in Art class.The school classes are vary organized so it was easy to go to our next class.

Adriana Mon Belle
During the tri,p I learned about the Japanese culture and population(our exhibition topic). The culture is very different from our own. There were many things that represented the population of Japan. This trip was meaningful to my family, my classmates, and me, because we got to experience something most people don't get to experience. I also learned that I can do things independently and be confident in myself even when I'm not feeling at home.